Divi Plus v1.9.5 – 41 Powerful Modules for Divi Theme

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Divi Plus - 41 Powerful Modules for Divi Theme

Download Free Divi Plus – 41 Powerful Modules for Divi Theme v1.9.5 Nulled

Divi Plus – 41 Powerful Modules for Divi Theme Free Download 1.9.5 – diviplus.io | Divi Plus – 41 Powerful Modules for Divi Theme v1.9.5 is a premium multipurpose plugin that comes with several exceptional modules. Using these specific and powerful modules, you’ll be able to build various web page elements that would improve your site’s functionality as well as appearance.

An easy to use plugin with multiple customization options to create beautiful and attractive webpage elements. Like breadcrumbs for Divi theme, headings, texts, separators, animated text, image hotspots, and before-after sliders.

A fully compatible plugin with Divi 4.0 and its new Theme Builder. All you have to do is use your imagination and create amazing Divi pages with the power of Divi Page Builder and our easy-to-use Divi modules.

Also, using these Divi modules, users can easily create a beautiful Divi website within no time.

This feature-rich plugin and its highly customizable modules enable users to build custom web elements easily and without writing any code.

Why to choose Divi Plus – 41 Powerful Modules for Divi Theme?

It’s simple to use Divi modules that open several possibilities for both the developers and users getting started with the Dive theme and want to build something out of the box. Modules available within this plugin lowers the work effort and offers simple solutions to the problems that require high skill and in-depth information about web designing in general.

50 Modules

Ever growing powerful modules that deepen the functionality and design of Divi theme whenever web sites of any kind require.

4 Premium Extensions

Improve the capabilities of sections, rows, columns and modules with premium expansions that distinguish the website.

30+ Starter Templates

Start your web projects with superb pre-made templates that cover industries across various niches using Divi Plus.

200+ Prebuilt Sections

Add, alter, or repeat it; the pre-built sections enable you to create a unique website for many occasions.



Download Nulled Divi Plus – 41 Powerful Modules for Divi Theme 1.9.5(137)

Changelog Divi Plus – 41 Powerful Modules for Divi Theme

Version 1.9.5 = Release date: 28th February 2022


  • (Woo Products Categories) Order by menu order.
  • (Blog Slider, Blog Timeline, Team Slider, Team Grid, Testimonial Slider, Testimonial Grid, WooProducts, WooProductsCarousel, WooProductsCategories) Control for no result text.


  • (Tabs) Global icon color was not working.
  • (Team Grid) Social icons were not clickable when popup is enabled.
  • (Image Mask) Mask was being repeated.
  • (Gravity Form Styler) ‘Deprecated’ Required parameter $render_slug follows optional parameter $content.


  • Minor CSS fixes.
Version 1.9.4 = Release date: 11th February 2022


  • Gravity Form Styler.


  • (FAQ Page Schema) Control to make the first item active.
  • (Woo Products, Woo Products Carousel) Filter hook for query args.
  • (Woo Products Categories) Orderby & Order control.
  • (Woo Products, Woo Products Carousel) Order by Price, Stock Status & Menu Order.
  • (Woo Products, Woo Products Carousel) Out of Stock label.


  • (Woo Products Categories) Empty categories coming on the page.


  • (Image Accordion) Control for responsive control of orientation.
  • (Team Grid, Team Slider) Support for few HTML tags in team member short description.
  • (Woo Products, Woo Products Carousel) Backorder products were not coming when ‘Hide out of stock products’ is enabled.
  • (Button) Removed the dependency of jquery migrate.
  • Removed consolidated CSS file, separate CSS file for each module which improves the load time.
Version 1.9.3 = Release date: 3rd December 2021


ALT text control for Timeline image.


  • ‘NOTICE’ Required parameter $render_slug follows optional parameter $content.
  • Support for newly added icons by Divi.
  • Minor CSS fixes.
Version 1.9.2 = Release date: 24th November 2021


  • Team Grid module.


  • (Image Card, Image Card Carousel) Support for mobile options for icon alignment.


  • (Woo Products, Woo Products Carousel) Supports Divi WooCommerce filters now.
  • (Woo Products) Page will scrolls to top now on pagination.
  • (Blog Slider) Extra divider(|) was coming in post meta in layout 3.


  • (Flipbox) Back button was not working in layout 1.
  • (Woo Products Carousel) Sale Price CSS selector.
  • (Ajax Search, Tabs) Not working when added via Ajax.
  • (Tabs) Few modules were not working properly when used within content toggle like Divi’s native gallery module, DP Masonry Gallery, etc.
Version 1.9.1 = Release date: 19th August 2021


  • (Woo Products Carousel) ‘Products Per View’ settings added to Coverflow effect too.


  • (Content Toggle) Switch text color state was not working properly.
  • (Woo Products, Woo Products Carousel) Quickview styling was not coming when used on theme builder template.


  • (Tabs) Tab Text Alignment was not working properly.
  • (Woo Products, Woo Products Carousel) External Products add to cart button is not visible when ‘Show Add to Cart on Hover’ setting is enabled.
  • (Woo Products) Undefined variable ‘show_rating’ when pagination is enabled.


  • Compatible with Divi v4.10


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