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Divi Machine - Take Your Websites to the Next Level v2.1.2

Download Free Divi Machine – Take Your Websites to the Next Level v4.1.6.1 Nulled

Divi Machine – Take Your Websites to the Next Level Free Download – Diviengine | Divi Machine – Take Your Websites to the Next Level v4.1.6.1 is the greatest Divi Plugins and Techniques for WordPress. Developers construct and preserve Divi Plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce sites, designed to make your life easier and provide you more control, using the energy of this divi webpage builder plugin.

After constructing several WordPress sites for our customers and pushing the limits of the things Divi can perform, we discovered ourselves generating plugins to address problems and improve specific attributes for your Divi Theme.

What are Divi Plugins and Extensions?

As Divi Plugins and Extensions are premium extensions that let you enhance the functionality of Divi Theme. There are many various extensions and plugins to choose from each with their unique list of functions.

The Divi plugins frequently add new Divi Modules which allow you to build more effective contact forms, enhance the capabilities and appearance for Your WooCommerce stores, and much more.

This premium plugin can also enhance or alter the basic capabilities of your Divi websites. For instance, they can make the addition of custom post types easy, alter to the WooCommerce Cart Icon, and many more.

Instead of keeping these improvements to ourselves, we chose to discuss them with the remainder of the Divi neighborhood to make your Divi websites better, save time and make your life simpler for a programmer.

Divi Form Builder

Simple contact form to a complex front-end post or the creation of products Divi Form Builder is here to help.

Divi Ajax Filter

Filter WooCommerce, Posts, and Custom Posts without having to refresh the page.

Divi Machine

Build complicated websites. They display dynamic fields that you can filter, browse and so many more features with Divi Builder. Divi Builder.

Divi Mobile

Divi Mobile helps you create stunning mobile menus that look beautiful without programming.

Divi BodyCommerce

A powerful toolkit for developers who use Divi and WooCommerce combined designed to enhance your online store and get higher conversion rates.

Divi Nitro

You can give your Divi website a speed boost with Divi Nitro. Divi Nitro plugin to enhance the experience of your customers.

Divi Protect

Secure the content with a password on your Divi website using Divi Protect. Divi Protect plugin. Make sure that no one is watching!

Divi Mega Menu

Enhance the user experience on your Divi website by using Divi Mega Menu. Divi Mega Menu plugin, which allows creating dynamic menus by using The Divi Builder.

Increase the power of your Divi Site with our Premium Plugins

Our divi plugins provide you additional features for Divi site. They assist you to expand present functionality or add completely new features and custom modules. These strong extensions can completely alter how that you create your sites.



Download Nulled Divi Machine WordPress Plugin

Changelog Divi Machine – Take Your Websites to the Next Level

VERSION 1.6.3 -25/01/22

  • NEW ADDITION – Added option to have the name of the menu appear behind the menu item on hover for the fullscreen menu style
  • NEW ADDITION – Added setting to customise the bottom navigation background color
  • FIX – JS error with anchor link when on another page with anchorlink in the url (domain.com/#anchorpoint)

VERSION 1.6.2 – 24/12/21

  • FIX – Check if WPML or Polylang is active, if so – get homepage of current language when using our logo in custom header
  • FIX – wireframe not working

VERSION 1.6.1 – 07/12/21

  • FIX – Sub Menus not opening
  • FIX – Menu not showing on Menu Style 5

VERSION 1.6 – 06/12/21

  • NEW ADDITION – Added account icon for WooCommerce – link will take you to the /my-account page. Added to Divi Mobile > Custom Header
  • NEW ADDITION – Added setting to set logo URL – leave blank if you want to be site URL
  • NEW ADDITION – Added option to add alt and title text to logo in custom header
  • MOD – Modified the CSS and appearance so that you can have search inside menu without having a custom header (use in theme builder)
  • MOD – Added option to open all sub-menus by default if collapse style
  • MOD – Added setting “Enable Fixed Header CSS Class” which will add the class “dm-fixed-header” on scroll when not using the custom header – before it only did it for the custom header.
  • FIX – scroll to top when click burger menu
  • FIX – fix anchorpoint click issue
  • FIX – Open in new tab was being ignored
  • FIX – Menu open issue after scrolling
  • FIX – JS error when not jQuery Migrate – $(window).on(‘load’, function(){
  • FIX – burger icon color on scroll for menu 3 was not working
  • FIX – Stop stacking not working in VB
  • FIX – Fullscreen fade in and out (not slide)
  • FIX – Added CSS to fix the appearance of the menu of Divi Engine Style on mobile landscape
  • FIX – Shortcode module preview in VB
  • FIX – Stop Stacking Module Visual builder issue
  • FIX – Search Inside menu styling
  • FIX – Admin bar behind theme builder top bar (close)

VERSION – 10/03/21

  • FIX – Conflict with Divi Supreme pop up

VERSION – 03/03/21

  • MOD – checked for function “wp_body_open” first to load the menu, this loads it in the body and makes the site quicker
  • FIX – CSS fixes for VB and Divi animations

VERSION 1.5.4 – 02/03/21

  • FIX – Anchor point for same page and other page
  • FIX – Sub-menu open not working on tablet (removed check for mobile device and just look at browser width set in the mobile breakpoint)

VERSION 1.5.3 – 15/01/21

  • FIX – Sub-menu activate

VERSION – 13/01/21

  • Fixed bug in overlap style

VERSION 1.5.2 – 13/01/21

Modified code so that the submenu would work based on the breakpoint you specify in our settings

VERSION 1.5.1 – 13/01/21

  • FIX – Anchor point on IOS
  • FIX – scroll when tapping open icon for sub-menus – reworked the JS code so it will be stable.

VERSION 1.5 – 16/12/2020

  • FIX – Fixed anchor point scroll

VERSION 1.4.3 – 16/12/2020

  • FIX – menu link not working

VERSION 1.4.2 – 16/12/2020

  • MOD – When closing the menu, it will also close the sub-menus
  • FIX – menu open goes to top
  • FIX – close menu when click anchorpoint
  • FIX – hideonscroll issue
  • FIX – “Go to top” issue when click burger menu
  • FIX – button hover background in injected layouts
  • FIX – menu hover css
  • FIX – Disable parent link was not working – it would always disable. Now if you disable this setting, it will allow to click through on parent but still click on icon to open sub-menu
  • FIX – removed titan generated css
  • FIX – Sub menu font size
  • FIX – sub menu font attributes


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