Digits v8.0.5 + Addons Pack Free Download

Digits v6.12.0.1 - WordPress Mobile Number Signup and Login
Digits v6.12.0.1 - WordPress Mobile Number Signup and Login

Download Free Digits v8.0.5 – WordPress Mobile Number Signup and Login

Digits – WordPress Mobile Number Signup and Login Free Download v8.0.5 – CodeCanyon | Digits v8.0.5 – WordPress Mobile Number Signup and Login Nulled allow your user to sign up with their phone number on your website. No more email checking. Just SMS In this quick globe, no one has time to use traditional email to sign up on your website, because this is not the only phase engaged, the customer has to log in to the email account open email press on the verification link to check the email and then access the account on your website. Digits WordPress Plugin Nulled is compatible with all BuddyPress, WooCommerce and any other plugin recent variants.


Digits Features

  • Password reset with OTP Passcode
  • Signup with password, login with OTP or Password anything
  • Custom fields for login and signup forms
  • White label Custom sign-up and login page
  • Modal sign-up and login form
  • White-list / Block countries
  • Auto detect country code
  • Default country code
  • User can add email after signing up with mobile
  • User can also sign up with email and add phone number later
  • Free and Paid SMS Gateways
  • Full WooCommerce support
  • Remove Email and Password Fields from Login – Signup Forms
  • Disable strong password registration
  • WooCommerce Phone Verification on Checkout
  • Login, Register, Logout Redirect
  • Option to add captcha in login form
  • Test API settings
  • WC add order can search user with mobile number
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Option to disable registration
  • Option to disable OTP
  • WPML Compatible

Digits Free Download Link



Included Addons in this Pack

  • Digits v8.0.4
  • Additional SMS Gateways v5.4.5
  • One Click Login Signup v4.0
  • Additional Fields Logic Builder v1.8
  • Merge Phone Number Addon v.2.2
  • Country Based SMS Gateway v2.0
  • REST API v2.3
  • Login Signup Page Popup Builder v0.9.6.7
  • Email Filter v2.0
  • Forced Login Page Lock v3.0
  • Digits Builder v0.9.7
  • Old Account Migrator v1.9

Changelog Digits Nulled

23 March 2023 -ver8.0.4
  - Fixed: Logo in email cropping
  - Fixed: Next button not working on Onboarding Wizard
  - Fixed: Forgot Password translation issue
  - Fixed: Graph data not coming in some cases
  - Fixed: Page lock modal not working
  - Fixed: Country Name coming in country field
  - Fixed: Username generation from email using full email

21 March 2023 -ver8.0.3
  - Fixed: Signup fields not showing up in some sites

19 March 2023 -ver8.0.2
  - Fixed: Auto save not working for some sites
  - Fixed: Duplicate registration fields in signup form

17 March 2023 -ver8.0.1
  - Fixed: Addons not downloading

15 March 2023 -ver8.0
- Changelog will be updated soon.

16 February 2023 -ver7.9.5
  - Improved: Gupshup API update
  - Improved: Gateway.sa API update
  - Improved: OurSMS API update
  - Improved: Gateway.sa API update
  - Improved: 2Factor API update
  - Fixed: Warning in Customer Search on WooCommerce Order Page
  - Fixed: Reset Password not working in non-primary custom forms

13 November 2022 -version7.9.4
  - Improved: OTP brute force protection
  - Fixed: Wati WhatsApp API update
  - Fixed: WhatsApp Cloud API template update

15 August 2022 -version7.9.3
  - Improved: Removed deprecated API of elementor
  - Improved: Login/Signup redirection priority
  - Improved: Optimized library loading in Additional Gateways
  - Improved: Disabled indexing for poorly configured servers
  - Improved: Buddypress compatibility with some themes
  - Improved: Phone number formatting
  - Improved: Redirection after signup when using Approval addon
  - Fixed: 360dialog not working in login via WhatsApp in rare cases
  - Fixed: d7networks not working
  - Fixed: Phone field not working in WC edit account page
  - Fixed: Text overlapping checkbox in RTL
  - Fixed: Redirection issues in form shortcodes
  - Fixed: RedSMS not working in Linux systems
  - Fixed: Skebby gatway not working in some cases
  - Fixed: Digits builder presets not loading in some sites

11 April 2022 -version7.9.2
  - Improved: Browser autofill support
  - Improved: Username generation
  - Improved: aruba.it gateway integration
  - Improved: WooCommerce Compatibility
  - Fixed: Buddyboss/bbpress phone field not working in account page
  - Fixed: Login with pass redirecting to homepage instead of smart redirect
  - Fixed: Username generation with "+"" not working
  - Fixed: Allowlist priority over denylist in country
  - Fixed: Phone field autofill issue on WooCommerce page
  - Fixed: Infinite loading with OurSMS gateway
  - Fixed: Password label coming in WooCommerce page on OTP field
  - Fixed: Remember me not working with OTP Login in some cases
  - Fixed: Email field getting replaced with phone in a few themes
  - Fixed: Gupshup WhatsApp not working
  - Fixed: Redirect not working with some sites, forbidden error
  - Fixed: Tab key not working in countrycode
  - Fixed: Resend Issue with Firebase
  - Fixed: send_otp endpoint not working in Rest Api with One click

25 January 2022 -ver7.9.1
  - Improved: Better WhatsApp Template support
  - Improved: Gupshup WhatsApp integration
  - Improved: JazzCMT gateway integration
  - Improved: Mobile.sa gateway integration
  - Improved: Branded SMS Pakistan integration
  - Improved: SMSCountry gateway unicode support
  - Improved: From support in sms.ru
  - Improved: Break line support in message template
  - Fixed: Issues related to 360Dialog gateway
  - Fixed: Issues with eskiz.uz gateway
  - Fixed: Auto generated password not showing up in email when account created from WC Checkout

28 November 2021 -ver7.9
  - New: Option to Merge & sync billing phone and account number always
  - New: 360Dialog WhatsApp Gateway
  - New: OurSMS.com SMS Gateway
  - New: eskiz.uz SMS Gateway
  - New: Mobile.net.sa SMS Gateway
  - New: GlobeLabs SMS Gateway
  - New: wholesalesms.com.au SMS Gateway
  - Improved: Country code field is not numbers only
  - Improved: toast.com SMS Gateway integration
  - Improved: Firebase integration
  - Improved: Auto redirection after login and signup
  - Fixed: Some RTL issues
  - Fixed: Forgot Password link fix in email
  - Fixed: Strong password not working in digits password reset form
  - Fixed: Password not being included in New Account email
  - Fixed: Issues with SMSFactor gateway
  - Fixed: Checkbox value not getting saved in rare cases
  - Fixed: Not able to change account number from WC's My Account page in rare cases
  - Fixed: Save changes not working on WC's My Account page if merge addon is enabled

8 October 2021 -ver7.8.1
  - Improved: Foxglove Gateway API Update
  - Improved: Kalyera settings
  - Improved: Allow theme to overwrite our font
  - Fixed: Username generation not working with addon
  - Fixed: Elementor overwrite issue
  - Fixed: Styling issues in settings
  - Fixed: Esendex gateway issue

22 July 2021 -ver7.8
  - New: Added option to generate username with or without country code in phone numbers
  - New: Line break support in SMS template
  - New: Shortcode and php code to display native form in any page
  - New: Option to restrict certain phone numbers from signup
  - New: Msg91 unicode support
  - Improved: Oneclick addon will now support phone number validation
  - Improved: Oneclick addon will also update WC billing phone field
  - Fixed: TurkeySMS gateway issue
  - Fixed: Removed deprecated wp_no_robots function
  - Fixed: select2-full missing

21 June 2021 -ver7.7.2
  - Improved: Verimor gateway integration
  - Fixed: Phone number validation
  - Fixed: Additional Gateways not getting listed in some cases

16 May 2021 -ver7.7.1
  - Improved: SMSgatewayhub integration with DLT
  - Improved: Twilio sender ID label renamed
  - Fixed: Msg91 sender ID for countries other than India
  - Fixed: Messagebird WhatsApp API not working
  - Fixed: Checkout processing issue with labsmobile gateway

23 April 2021 -ver7.7
  - New: smsaleart.co.in gateway integration
  - New: hubtel.com gateway integration
  - New: toast.com gateway integration
  - New: telesign.com gateway integration
  - New: kavenegar.com gateway integration
  - New: brandedsmspakistan.com gateway integration
  - New: beeline.ru gateway integration
  - New: sms.ru gateway integration
  - New: routee.net gateway integration
  - New: web2sms237.com gateway integration
  - New: smsmode.com gaetway integration
  - New: turkeysms.com.tr gateway integration
  - New: sozuri.net gateway integration
  - New: kivalosolutions.com gateway integration
  - New: sms.ninja gateway integration
  - New: websms.com gateway integration
  - New: DLT compatibility with many Indian gateways
  - Improved: Unifonic URL update
  - Fixed: Issue with SMSMasivos
  - Fixed: Autofill WC field setting not working
  - Fixed: Edit phone number not working with some custom theme profiles
  - Fixed: Number saving without + in rest api addon

3 March 2021 -ver7.6
  - New: OsonSMS gateway integration
  - New: SMS.ir gateway integration
  - New: Doo.ae gateway integration
  - New: Notify.lk gateway integration
  - New: Malath.net.sa gateway integration
  - New: One-click addon support in shortcodes
  - Improved: Updated firebasejs
  - Improved: Improved phone number recognition
  - Improved: Mims gateway updated
  - Improved: Better redirection for a password reset
  - Improved: Focus field automatically when modal is opened
  - Improved: Autofill
  - Fixed: Issues with SMSMISR gateway
  - Fixed: Issues with Alfacell gateway
  - Fixed: Issues with 2factor gateway
  - Fixed: Issues with SMSIdea gateway
  - Fixed: Shortcode render bug
  - Fixed: User getting logged out when clicking on dashboard in some websites
  - Fixed: Error after entering OTP for registration but the user still getting created
  - Fixed: PHP warning for email filter
  - Fixed: Blog page conflict with the builder
  - Fixed: Custom redirection not working in builder forms with SMS Passcode
  - Fixed: Add button color in old account migrator modal

13 January 2021 -ver7.5
  - New: Shortcodes to display native forms
  - New: ip-api.com integraton for country code detection
  - New: Autofill WooCommerce fields with signup data
  - New: Message template is shifted to gateway section for better control
  - Improved: Improved loading times
  - Improved: Added sender name in Orange gateway
  - Fixed: Parts of letter missing in foreign characters
  - Fixed: Phone number not showing in edit user page in some cases due to conflict
  - Fixed: Builder warning in ajax
  - Fixed: Registration message in Oneclick addon

16 December 2020 -ver7.4.2
  - Improved: WordPress 5.6 compatibility
  - Fixed: Agile telecom not working
  - Fixed: Input mask issue on admin end
  - Fixed: Phone number issue with 0 for Republic of the Congo Country
  - Fixed: Color picker crash when using dokan
  - Fixed: Resend OTP issue

3 November 2020 -ver7.4.1
  - Fixed: Valid json string warning

6 October 2020 -ver7.4
  - New: Option to overwrite forgot password link
  - New: Messagebird WhatsApp Gateway
  - New: Gupshup WhatsApp Gateway
  - New: Karix WhatsApp Gateway

15 August 2020 -ver7.3.4
  - Improved: Logic builder support in WooCommerce checkout
  - Improved: Color picker in settings
  - Fixed: Mimsms BD portal gateway not working
  - Fixed: Social login with some plugins
  - Fixed: Issues with some frontend create customer plugins
  - Fixed: Lastname field not coming in popup forms on checkout page
  - Fixed: Email field not coming in builder when phone field is disabled

29 June 2020 -ver7.3.3
  - Improved: Better WC Checkout compatibility
  - Improved: Frontend performance
  - Improved: First and Last Name from our signup form are added to billing fields aswell
  - Improved: Popup compatibility with plugins using transform in body
  - Fixed: Bug with SMS123 gateway
  - Fixed: Duplicate fields in WC checkout added by external plugins after page load
  - Fixed: Invalid OTP message on checkout
  - Fixed: Phone already in use when using Migrator in checkout

27 May 2020 -ver7.3.2
  - Improved: Custom Gateway
  - Improved: Email Forgot password link will open Digits form if triggred from the sames
  - Fixed: Custom gateway not working when post data is sent as string
  - Fixed: Firebase not working in edit account ajax forms
  - Fixed: Rest API not working when full site locked
  - Fixed: Rest API not working with Auth providers
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