DigiMuse – Music Streaming Platform

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DigiMuse - Music Streaming Platform

Download Free DigiMuse – Music Streaming Platform v1.12

DigiMuse – Music Streaming Platform Free Download 1.12 – CodeCanyon | DigiMuse – Music Streaming Platform v1.12 was created with passion and the goal to be the best music-related PHP Script. DigiMuse PHP Script is a web tool that allows you to upload, sell, suggest, or find music. You can turn it into a music streaming/sharing site like Soundcloud, Spotify, or an online music store such as iTunes. Or a combination of both.

Key Features

  • Page Builder – You can create customized pages by using any of the 10 available page widgets. You have the freedom to customize pages and decide how you want your content displayed.
  • Dynamic content: DigiMuse will automatically import track/artist/album data from third-party APIs, and locate a Youtube music video for each song! Without adding or hosting a video music, you can host thousands!
  • Music Store: You and your users can upload your own songs or albums to sell (or for free). You can sell your music, or charge an author’s fee to artists, and make money off their sales.
  • Subscription system: Users have the option to pay a monthly fee for additional access.
  • Artist Verification Systems: Users can request to be a verified artist. After being approved by an administrator, they will have additional access.
  • User groups: You have complete control over users. You can give or revoke users access to player/upload/upgrade/sell/download/report/comment/etc with few simple clicks
  • Menu Builder: You can build different customized menus for users/admins/artists/guests or desktop/mobile
  • Translation: All words and paragraphs in websites, including title of pages/widgets/links made in Page Builder/Menu Builder can be easily translated
  • Waveforms: App will create a waveform to upload tracks (with or without FFmpeg ).
  • Follower system: Users have the option to follow other users and see their user feed activities
  • Station System: One button, unlimited music DigiMuse will find the next song for your users by clicking on the Station button.
  • Quick installation: DigiMuse can be installed in just 5 minutes with our wizard installer
  • User Profile: Users can create their profile. You can see user’s activities/uploads/likes/reposts/playlists/followers/followings in their profile
  • Artist Profile: Artists have their own page and you can see their single-albums/studio-albums/featured-in and related-artists in that page
  • Playlists: Users can add tracks/albums/other-playlists into their own playlists. Any playlist can be shared or downloaded by users.
  • Powerful: DigiMuse offers a very advanced custom player. It can load audio files from your own server and can also load YouTube videos for you.
  • Search: Users can search thro artists/tracks/albums. If Spotify is allowed, search results will also include Spotify results
  • Chunk Upload: App allows you to cut user-selected files into smaller pieces and upload them chunk-by-chunk for a better upload experience
  • Responsive: Everything works great on mobile. Even admin panel


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