Custom Username Icons XF2 (v5.1.1) Free Download


The Custom Username Icons XF2 Free Download v5.1.1 | Custom Username Icons XF2 Nulled v5.1.1 add-on brings a new dimension of customization to XenForo-based forums, allowing users to select and display icons alongside their usernames, adding a touch of individuality and flair to their profiles.

One of the standout features of this add-on is its extensive icon selection. Users can choose from a vast library of over 500 Font Awesome icons, which cover a wide range of symbols and graphics. From classic favorites to modern design elements, there’s an icon to suit every user’s personality and style. Additionally, users can also opt for image icons, providing even more customization possibilities.

Admin Control:

Custom Username Icons – XF2 Nulled total control over this feature is placed firmly in the hands of administrators. Through the admin control panel, administrators can define permissions for users and user groups, allowing or restricting the ability to select and configure icons. This ensures that the customization feature is managed efficiently and aligns with the community’s guidelines.

Usergroup Defaults:

To streamline the process further, administrators can set default username icons for each user group. This feature adds consistency to the community’s visual identity and can be especially useful for distinguishing various user groups or roles within the forum.

Live Icon Preview:

To simplify the selection process, the add-on offers a live icon preview, allowing users to see how their chosen icon will appear alongside their username before making a final decision. This feature helps users make informed choices, ensuring that their selection aligns with their preferences.

Expanded Customization:

Beyond Custom Username Icons Free Download, this add-on also extends customization options to user banners. Administrators can configure custom banner icons for different user groups, allowing for a more visually diverse forum environment.

Admin Flexibility:

Administrators have the flexibility to edit user icons from the admin control panel, enabling quick adjustments when necessary. Additionally, admins can force specific icons for users, ensuring that the forum’s visual consistency is maintained.

Optional Font Awesome CSS:

To prevent redundancy, the add-on offers the option not to load Font Awesome CSS if it’s already loaded by another add-on, optimizing site performance.

Color Customization:

Users can further personalize their profiles by selecting custom username and user title colors. These features, based on permissions, enable users to create profiles that reflect their unique style.

Users also have the option to enable or disable font icon animations across the entire forum, allowing them to fine-tune their experience.

The Custom Username Icons Nulled add-on elevates user personalization in XenForo-based forums. With a diverse selection of icons, admin control, and live previews, it empowers users to create profiles that reflect their individuality. Additionally, the feature extends to user banners, adding a new layer of visual diversity to the community. This add-on is a valuable asset for any forum looking to enhance user engagement and personalization.

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