Nuss (v1.2.0) Hotel Booking WordPress Free Download

Nuss - Hotel Booking WordPress
Nuss - Hotel Booking WordPress
Nuss - Hotel Booking WordPress
Nuss – Hotel Booking WordPress

NUSS is an innovative, feature-rich Booking Hotel WordPress theme designed with a sleek, modern UI/UX. Specifically tailored to meet the needs of hotels, resorts, hostels, homestays, guesthouses, apartments, co-living spaces, and any other accommodation services, Nuss Hotel Booking WordPress Free Download v1.2.0 | Nuss Hotel Booking WordPress Nulled v1.2.0 is a perfect solution for those seeking a professional and efficient online booking system. Its impressive selection of demos ensures flexibility and versatility, catering to a variety of customer needs.

Poweful Hotel Booking Theme for Travel Dealers

One of the most impressive features of NUSS is the powerful Uxper Booking Plugin developed in-house. This tool is packed with both basic and advanced features designed for the hotel booking business, ensuring that your online booking system is comprehensive, intuitive, and user-friendly. What’s more, this plugin is consistently updated to keep up with the latest trends and customer needs.

NUSS theme nulled provides diverse room booking types, including Reservation Booking, Enquiry Booking, and Redirect Booking. The Reservation Booking feature offers a streamlined, user-friendly booking form template, making it straightforward for guests to submit an online booking request. The Enquiry Booking option, on the other hand, provides guests with a contact form to request more information about the room before sending a reservation request. The Redirect Booking feature allows you to link to third-party sites like, Airbnb, and

The NUSS theme free download also incorporates flexible payment options, supporting transactions through PayPal, 2Checkout, Stripe, and WooCommerce Checkout. This ensures that guests can pay conveniently and securely, enhancing the user experience. Additionally, NUSS offers Seasonal Pricing, allowing you to create unique pricing structures for each section, and an Availability Calendar to display room availability and pricing for each date and time of the month.

NUSS goes a step further to improve guest experience by allowing the addition of Extra Services, such as airport transfers or breakfast options. This feature can charge per room or per person. To enhance the booking process, NUSS incorporates Ajax Filtering and Sorting, allowing guests to customize their search results according to their preferences.

The NUSS theme also includes Coupon Codes functionality, enabling you to offer discounts to your guests, thereby increasing bookings and customer loyalty. The email template feature ensures communication regarding reservations, cancellations, and changes is professional, on-brand, and easy to comprehend.

Lastly, NUSS provides Room Type Amenities and Booking Management features. The former allows a preset list of features for specific Room Types, while the latter consolidates all bookings and booking requests in their current statuses in one place. This is neatly organized and displayed in a calendar view, making it easy to manage.

NUSS is a comprehensive, feature-rich, and user-friendly WordPress theme that revolutionizes the online booking experience for both the hotelier and the guest. Its cutting-edge features and intuitive design make it a standout choice in the accommodation services industry.


Version 1.1.3 (Dec 5, 2022)

Updated: Uxper Booking plugin – v.1.1.3

Updated: Option to add more emails to confirm the booking

Updated: More Email Tags

Fixed: Carousel Title being duplicated occasionally

Fixed: Not display No results on search/filter Rooms

Fixed: Some Styling”

Version 1.1.2 (Sep 19, 2022)

Updated: Uxper Booking plugin – v.1.1.2.

Updated: Season – now a reservation can apply to multiple seasons.

Updated: Block dates – now block one date will block the date from check-in.

Version 1.1.1 (May 24, 2021)

Updated: Uxper Booking plugin – v.1.1.1

Added: Filter Section for Elementor Blog Widget And Room Widget.

Added: (USER MUST SELECT THE OPTION) Selection for Booking checkout and Payment Completed Pages in Theme Option.

Added: Setting to send new booking notification to admin in Customizer/Room/Booking Checkout.

Added: For developer: Add a filter to configure Order Id when using Woo Checkout.

Fixed: Room quantity field in Booking Form now based on the calculated available room.

Fixed: Room blocked and reserved not working in some cases.

Fixed: Woocommerce Extra Service Price.

Fixed: Search Room.

Fixed: WPML and POLYLANG compatible issue with room reservation.

Fixed: Something CSS.

Version 1.1.0 (Nov 23, 2021)

Updated: Uxper Booking plugin – v.1.1.0

Fixed: Woocommerce Extra Service Price

Fixed: Season Price and Reservations Booking Display

Fixed: Search Room

Fixed: Something CSS

Version 1.0.9 (Nov 03, 2021)

Updated: Uxper Booking plugin – v.1.0.9

Added: New Demo Lodge Forest & Modern Hotel

Added: Label Checkout Only

Added: Popup Subscription & Notifications

Fixed: Email Template Content

Fixed: Booking Price

Fixed: Something CSS

Version 1.0.8 (Otc 14, 2021)

Updated: Uxper Booking plugin – v.1.0.8

Added: Auto Booking Status

Added: Option Hidden Booking Services

Fixed: Check Reservations When Changed Status

Version 1.0.7 (Otc 12, 2021)

Updated: Uxper Booking plugin – v.1.0.7

Added: Optimize Booking Manager

Added: Optimize for WPML,Polylang,Gtranslate…

Fixed: Blocked Rooms

Fixed: Seasons Price Booking Dates

Fixed: Something CSS

Version 1.0.6 (Sep 18, 2021)

Updated: Uxper Booking plugin – v.1.0.6

Added: Custom Affilate Link Popup

Fixed: Booking Manager

Fixed: Something CSS

Version 1.0.5 (Sep 6, 2021)

Updated: Uxper Booking plugin – v.1.0.5

Updated: icalSync Calendar

Updated: Edit Calendar Text

Fixed: Missing Seasons & Coupons

Fixed: Book Now Woocommerce Payment

Fixed: Translate String(Per Night, Night…)

Fixed: Something CSS

Version 1.0.4 (Aug 10, 2021)

Updated: Uxper Booking plugin – v.1.0.4

Updated: WooCommerce Booking Payment

Updated: Maximum Day and Minimum Day of Room

Fixed: Change Header on Search Page

Fixed: Responsive on mobile

Fixed: Something CSS

Version 1.0.2 (July 31, 2021)

Updated: Uxper Booking plugin – v.1.0.2

Updated: Seasons Room Pricing

Updated: Change Room Url Slug (Theme Options)

Updated: Change Icon Size, Bedthroom, Bathroom(Theme Options)

Updated: Custom Sort and Display Booking Form Contact(Customize)

Fixed: Something CSS

Version 1.0.1 (July 27, 2021)

Added: RTL Demo

Added: 4 Booking Form Type

Updated: Uxper Booking plugin – v.1.0.1

Fixed: One-Click Update

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