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CheckoutWC – Optimized Checkout Page for WooCommerce Free Download 7.10.5 – Checkoutwc | CheckoutWC – Optimized Checkout Page for WooCommerce Nulled v7.10.5 has been designed to improve the experience of WooCommerce checkout. Our program should reduce cart abandonment and increase the WooCommerce store’s checkout conversions.

CheckoutWC Nulled replaces your checkout page with a beautiful, responsive, and conversion optimized checkout template. Works with every theme.

CheckoutWC Nulled streamlines the account process by allowing customers to create an account without any additional information. Once checkout is submitted, they will get an email with information about their new account.

If a customer already has an account, we offer them the chance to login but customers should always be able to checkout as a guest when possible.

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CheckoutWC Nulled Changelog

Version 7.10.2 - 2023.03.03

Improved - Add address search field for Fetchify to prevent accidental incorrect entry in address_1 field
Improved - Added filter to allow coupons to be removed from free shipping bar amount remaining.
Fix - Fix styling glitch with PayPal Express button with Payment Plugins PayPal WooCommerce
Fix - Fix CSS glitch with WooCommerce Germanized and the complete order button
Fix - Fix bug with Side Cart icon disappearing due to icon selection being stored incorrectly
Version 7.10.1 - 2023.03.02

Hotfix - Fix possible (though unlikely) fatal error with Klarna Payments
Hotfix - Fix CSS glitch with one page checkout
Version 7.10.0 - 2023.03.02

New - Increased express payment buttons height from 35px to 42px
Fix - Fix bug with account validation and WooCommerce PayPal Payments
Fix - Prevent fatal errors from unexpected fieldset values
Fix - Fix bug that prevented setting field widths with CSS classes when using ThemeHigh Checkout Field Editor. Added more info on setting field widths to our documentation.
Fix - Fix bug with Payment Plugins Braintree for WooCommerce that caused unrendered buttons to take up space if the Google Pay button wasn't loaded
Dev - Adjusted viewport tag to be more accessible 
Dev - Added cfw_side_cart_item_after_columns action hook
Dev - Fixed PHP warning
Version 7.9.2 - 2023.02.27

Hotfix - Fix potential fatal error with Klarna Payments 3.x
Version 7.9.1 - 2023.02.27

Fix - Fix bug that prevented Klarna Payments 3.0 from loading on the checkout page
Fix - Fix bug with Yay Currency and percentage order bump discounts.
Fix - Fix bug with WPML sites that could cause updates to CheckoutWC to fail.
Fix - Force checking for updates in WP Admin should now always fetch the latest version info for CheckoutWC
Fix - Output proper wrapping hooks when forcing billing address to appears. Fixes bug with Saved Addresses for WooCommerce
Fix - Make sure settings are always saved after running data upgrades.
Improved - Improved formatting and display timing of admin notice

Version 7.9.0 - 2023.02.18

Improved - Switched from wc-ajax=update_checkout to wc-ajax=update_order_review - this aligns our AJAX refresh with core's and handles edge cases where plugins look at the URL to determine the type of request happening (generally an anti-pattern). It also works properly when CheckoutWC is bypassed or disabled. 
Fix - Smarty address validation now works with the One Page Checkout option
Fix - Fix issue where temporary alerts weren't cleared on subsequent AJAX refreshes unless there were new alerts to show.
Dev - Added messages to the update_order_review response package because it's in Woo core and some plugins like to use it
Dev - Fixed HPOS incompatibilities in our stat collection class.

Version 7.8.9 - 2023.02.10

Improved - Added fixes for Aelia Tax Display By Country
Fix - Fix incorrect Polish translations
Fix - Fix support for PHP 8.x by removing Symfony/Finder dependency 
Fix - Fix issue with WooCommerce Pakettikauppa and the shipping email field during billing field sync.
Fix - Fix improperly escaped html on admin pages
Fix - Minor performance enhancement for notice counting during notice printing
Dev - Added action before side cart notices: cfw_side_cart_notices

Version 7.8.8 - 2022.02.01

New - Added support for Donations for WooCommerce
Improved - Defer processing of previous orders to asynchronous cron job so that performance of order submission isn’t affected. (User Matching)
Fix - Switched slug for AJAX handler for order submission so that it matches WooCommerce core. This fixes issues with Upsell Order Bump for WooCommerce
Fix - Fix fatal error caused by missing function
Fix - Fix improperly escaped HTML on admin pages.
Fix - Fix bug with login and sanitization that prevented logging in with username.
Fix - Fix bug with Order Bump stat collection that prevented stats from being collected on most bumps.
Fix - Fixes for WPML
Fix - Fix potential fatal error from improperly hooked woocommerce_update_order_review_fragments filter
Fix - Fix for Order Bumps that use WooCommerce Product Bundles
Dev - Declared support for HPOS (High Performance Order Storage)
Version 7.8.7 - 2022.12.29

Fix - Fix password reset modal bug that prevented reset from succeeding.
Fix - Fix CFW_AUTO_ACTIVATE_LICENSE constant feature.
Fix - Speed up the timing of the shadow root removal on the Amazon button to reduce flash of old button
Version 7.8.6 - 2022.12.09

Fix - Fix bug that caused the login required message to show up even when login is not allowed at checkout.
Fix - Fix escaping of payment method title to match WooCommerce core
Fix - Fix Amazon Pay button doubling when quantity is changed
Dev - Disable WC Fields Factory notice because it really isn’t that relevant anymore
Version 7.8.5 - 2022.12.07

Fix - Fix Czech translations for field validation error messages
Fix - Fix payment method icons
Fix - Make sure we don't mess with the minicart if express payment buttons aren't enabled for the Side Cart
Version 7.8.4 - 2022.12.05

Fix - Fix fatal error on order pay page
Version 7.8.3 - 2022.11.29

Hotfix - Fix bug that caused mobile payment icon CSS to output at the top of the page.
Version 7.8.2 - 2022.11.29

New - You can now enable express payment buttons in the side cart in Side Cart settings: Enable Express Payment Buttons. Requires a gateway that supports the WooCommerce Minicart that is configured to output buttons to the minicart.
Fix - Fix errant admin notices regarding overriden settings in WooCommerce settings
Fix - Add Minimog theme fix
Fix - Add WooCommerce core detection protection
Fix - Fix max quantity for quantity control on side cart and checkout
Fix - Fix missing billing country bug with VismaPay
Dev - Updated npm packages
Dev - Updated composer packages
Dev - Upgraded templates to use webpack 5
Version 7.8.1 - 2022.11.8

Fix - Fix issue with address formatting in address review sections
Fix - Fix potential issue that could reset breadcrumb color settings during plugin activation
Fix - Fix PHP version notice
Dev - Get rid of unused compatibility classes
Dev - Update tested version numbers
Version 7.8.0 - 2022.11.1

New - We've consolidated our plans. Plus plan holders now get access to all functionality.
New - Mobile cart summary view now closes when advancing tabs.
Improved - Improved default settings for several features for new stores.
Improved - Improved how we load Google fonts.
Improved - Selectively support select2/selectWoo for specific fields while leaving address fields unharmed. Uses an in-house fork of selectWoo which replaces the native version on the checkout/order pay pages.
Fix - Detect unpublished bump and treat it like an invalid bump.
Fix - Fix potential infinite loop when address fields are mismatched between shipping and billing fields.
Fix - Fix rare glitch with Amazon Pay express button.
Fix - Fix issue where pickup location was added to non-shipped orders.
Dev - Added new event that triggers init of Google Address Autocomplete. This is required for compatibility with Real Cookie Banner which can now load Google Address Autocomplete after cookie consent is granted.
Version 7.7.2 - 2022.10.18

Hotfix - Fix bug that prevented saving scripts to the database. Do not save your settings until you have updated to 7.7.2 to prevent data loss. 
Dev - Added cfw_copy_pickup_details_to_order_notes filter to enable sending pickup information to order notes field.
Version 7.7.1 - 2022.10.11

Hotfix - Fix bug that prevented pickup location from being stored on orders.
Version 7.7.0 - 2022.10.11

New - Smarty integration has been revamped. It now handles unknown addresses better and directs users to take the best action with less confusion.
Improved - Added workaround for Puerto Rico addresses with Smarty. This was required since WooCommerce and Smarty treat PR differently.
Improved - Saving / activating your license key is now automatic via AJAX.
Improved - Fixed styling glitches with template picker view.
Improved - Add compatibility fix for Optimole
Dev - Add filter cfw_side_cart_show_total to allow showing shipping total as well as cart total
Dev - Applied additional linting rules and began process of compliance.
Fix - Fix bug with Local Pickup feature that caused the shipping options to not be hidden when pickup is selected.
Version 7.6.3 - 2022.09.23

Hotfix - Wrap woocommerce_cart_actions call with filter: cfw_run_woocommerce_cart_actions. Disabled by default. Use add_filter( 'cfw_run_woocommerce_cart_actions', '__return_true' ) to enable.
Version 7.6.2 - 2022.09.22

New - Added Turkish translations (tr_TR)
Improved - Added woocommerce_cart_actions to side cart for better support for other plugins.
Fix - Fix bug with local pickup feature and non-shipped products
Fix - Fix empty cart redirect setting.
Fix - Fix bug that caused pickup feature to run when not on a CFW page (checkout mainly)
Fix - Fix bug that caused new installs to get the wrong default setting for hiding optional fields. Should default to hidden.
Fix - Hide Klarna Checkout express button if gateway hasn't loaded.
Fix - Prevent empty cart message in side cart while side cart is loading after an add to cart action.
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