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Download Free CheckoutWC Nulled – Optimized Checkout Page for WooCommerce v8.2.17

CheckoutWC – Optimized Checkout Page for WooCommerce Free Download v8.2.17 – Checkoutwc | CheckoutWC – Optimized Checkout Page for WooCommerce Nulled v8.2.17 has been designed to improve the experience of WooCommerce checkout. Our program should reduce cart abandonment and increase the WooCommerce store’s checkout conversions.

CheckoutWC Nulled replaces your checkout page with a beautiful, responsive, and conversion optimized checkout template. Works with every theme.

CheckoutWC Nulled streamlines the account process by allowing customers to create an account without any additional information. Once checkout is submitted, they will get an email with information about their new account.

If a customer already has an account, we offer them the chance to login but customers should always be able to checkout as a guest when possible.

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Changelog CheckoutWC Nulled

Version 8.2.13 - 2023.09.16

Hotfix - Fix potential JavaScript error
Version 8.2.12 - 2023.09.16

Hotfix - Fix bug that caused the Square gift card form to load even when the feature is disabled.
Version 8.2.11 - 2023.09.15

New - Added new REST API endpoint for pickup locations. Documentation is here.
New - Add new filters for controlling whether a gateway is selected by default. This allows compliance with Finnish laws. Documentation is here.
New - Expanded after checkout submit order bump capabilities. You can now have as any active after checkout bumps as you would like. This also includes a separate new setting for limiting how many after checkout bumps are allowed to display.
Improved - Automatically detect solid custom cart icon SVGs and apply the correct styling.
Improved - Added better support for Local Pickup Plus. Forcefully adds the Local Pickup Plus adhoc option as a pickup method. This means for most customers you likely don't need to specify any local pickup methods in settings.
Improved - Email value is now trimmed of extra spaces after input
Fix - Add styling fix for WooCommerce Payments express buttons
Fix - Fix for Woodmart lazy loading feature. Disables feature on the checkout page.
Fix - Don’t let Elementor override the thank you page / order summary if the option to use the thank you template is enabled
Fix - Fix bug that caused the shipping total not to update when switching between pickup and delivery.
Fix - If pickup is selected, suppress Smarty address validation check
Fix - Disable next tab button during updates. This prevents incongruous states when switching between Delivery and Pickup.
Fix - Added native support for Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce store credits block. Fixes missing store credits notice with Advanced Coupons 4.5.7
Fix - Added native support for Square's gift card feature. Outputs under promo code in cart summary side bar.
Fix - Fix for Klarna Payments bug where the gateway div was partially visible.
Fix - Fix false positive Smarty address suggestions by filtering out empty keys in original address and the address returned from Smarty before comparison
Dev - Add cfw_permissioned_init hook for running stuff in an enabled context but hooking it from a compatibility class pre_init
Dev - Add debug logging to output of smarty ajax handler
Dev - Removed unused class
Dev - Updated tested version numbers

Version 8.2.10 - 2023.09.06

New - Add custom side cart icon upload field for providing your own icon
New - Added debug logging option to WP Admin > CheckoutWC > Advanced. Currently has debug logging for order bump display rules and WPML ACR email compatibility
Improved - Added fix for Acuva theme
Improved - Display submitting overlay before opening complete_order bump is displayed and close bump on submit. Helps on slower sites.
Fix - Fix side cart icon rendering on admin page
Fix - Add fix for woolentor duplicate thumbnail
Fix - Fix apostrophe issue with Google Address Autocomplete
Fix - Fix possible fatal error if shipping method from WooCommerce isn't a valid shipping method
Fix - Fix issue with WooCommerce Germanized where not checking the legal checkbox pushed the user to the payment tab instead of the review tab when Order Review Step is enabled
Fix - Fix bug that caused pickup option to sometimes not appear due to package caching
Fix - Fix  bug that disabled all complete_order bumps if an earlier complete_order bump was not displayable
Fix - Relax typing and make sure that fields with null keys still get wrapped properly. Specifically fixes CSC field display from

Version 8.2.9 - 2023.08.30

New - Added preliminary OwnID support. Doesn't work with remove password option currently.
Fix - Fix bug that caused fields that are not relevant to be alerted as invalid.
Version 8.2.8 - 2023.08.28

Fix - Fix bugs introduced by AB testing API that prevented key compatibility modules from loading properly. AB testing now requires using an MU plugin an a new action hook. We updated our example here:
Fix - Fix potential fatal error that occurred when removing all highlighted countries
Dev - Updated description of WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor to add another caveat
Version 8.2.7 - 2023.08.25

New - Added AB testing API. Example to implement here.
Improved - Added beta support for WPML and ACR emails
Improved - Show alert when required fields are not filled in on an non-active tab
Fix - Prevent error when cart object is null
Fix - Fix issue with store policy pages that use Gutenberg blocks. Blocks now display as expected.
Fix - Disable discreet address fields and fullname field when logged in with Payment Plugins PayPal gateway.
Fix - Fix duplicate thumbnail duplicate payment methods in side bar for Greenmart theme
Fix - Add fix for variation swatches plugin and modal variation chooser.
Fix - Fix fatal error where upstream filter doesn’t return the right value type
Fix - Fix bug where bill to different address was errantly selected after page refresh
Dev - Added filter for side cart icon local file path cfw_side_cart_icon_file_path
Dev - Added filter for side cart icon contents: cfw_side_cart_icon
Dev - Fix deprecated jQuery.focus() calls
Version 8.2.6 - 2023.08.15

Fix - Fix Woodmart theme bug that prevented cart items from showing up
Fix - Hide quantity stepper added by Woodmart theme to variation product form modals
Fix - Fix bug where adding a variation order bump didn’t use the price of the variation with applied discounts
Fix - Fix division by zero error when Side Cart free shipping threshold set to 0
Fix - Fix broken URL replacements when using WC email template for ACR emails
Dev - Don’t apply platform requirements on run
Version 8.2.5 - 2023.08.14

Fix - Fix potential fatal error from free orders when using free shipping threshold
Fix - Fix bug with WP Engine and Modaal.js that caused the deactivation survey to be opened when taking actions like updating a plugin, activating a plugin, etc.
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