Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce Pro By ThemeHigh v3.1.7

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Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce Pro By ThemeHigh

Download Free Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce Pro By ThemeHigh v3.1.7

Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce Pro Free Download 3.1.7 – ThemeHigh | Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce Pro By ThemeHigh v3.1.7 lets you create 13 different types of checkout fields that you can customize to your Checkout page. They are combined with a user-friendly and simple interface.

Why to choose Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce Pro By ThemeHigh?

It allows you to modify the checkout fields that are default on the WooCommerce platform, to add new custom fields to those three areas (namely Shipping, Billing and Additional) edit, conceal or erase existing fields. You can also alter labels or rearrange checkout fields. verify checkout fields, and add custom CSS classes etc.

The best WooCommerce Checkout Manager. Easily modify the check-out fields for the WooCommerce checkout webpage.

Change, modify or delete the default or custom fields, or create new sections to create a tidy and organized checkout page using The WooCommerce checkout management.

Custom Checkout Fields

Find the necessary information from your customers by adding additional field fields on your WooCommerce check-out page. It lets you modify, delete, or alter the layout of both fields that you have created and the default ones in accordance with your requirements.

This Checkout Field Editor plugin also gives you a variety of options for customization for the default WooCommerce fields as well as custom fields. You can alter the name of the label and field description placeholder validations, label class input class and much more.

Create Section

Section is a set of fields that are related. Similar to the billing section and Shipping section, it is possible to make an entirely new section by combining fields that you have created yourself as an individual section.

You can customize them and place the display position of the custom-made section to 14 different places on the checkout page.

Display Fields and Sections In a Conditional

The Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce plugin allows you to show the fields and sections in accordance with specific criteria. You are able to decide when the customized field will appear on the checkout pages.

You can set the conditions that they must be displayed or hidden based on the conditions.

They may be displayed based on information about the cart of the shopper, roles of the users, as well as the product’s specifications. The display can also be based on the sections according to the field’s values.

Repeat Fields and Sections

The plugin has an exclusive feature that allows you can make the fields repeat and sections of the checkout form according to certain conditions.

The fields can reappearing or repeating themselves according to repeated conditions. If the conditions specified are satisfied, the relevant sections or fields will be shown. Additionally, you can create repeat rules based on the amount of product and cart number.

Alter Pricing Using Price Field

The fields for changing the current pricing system can be created by using a selection of conditions you would like to have. Fields that show additional charges in accordance with your requirements are possible here.

Custom Address Fields and Override option

You can make fields and customize the format of address. With the advanced setting feature you can alter standard address formats, and modify fields’ settings to ensure it performs as you would like it to.

Custom Validators and Confirm Validators

At the time of checkout, you can create fields for confirming user-created data by setting rules using regular expression formats for fields.

Furthermore, you may also add additional fields or duplicate them using confirm validators that are used to confirm that you’ve entered the correct data.

Show/Hide the Fields and Show/Hide The Fields

You can choose which fields are shown based on the way you prefer. You can show or hide those checkout forms in various places , like email messages for admins, emails to customers or on the page for order display, and even on the Thank You page. You can also change the order of the custom fields within Emails.

Sales Page

Download Nulled Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce Pro 3.1.7(135)

Changelog Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce Pro

2021-09-27 - version 1.7.0
* Fix - Enter a summary of all changes on this Pull Request. This will appear in the changelog if accepted.
* Tweak - WC 5.7 compatibility.
* Tweak - WP 5.8 compatibility.

2021-06-30 - version 1.6.2
* Fix - Add Tracks events for removing, disabling and adding fields.
* Fix - Add test Tracks event when the user submits the form.
* Fix - Standardize code styles and linting tools.
* Tweak - WC 5.0 compatibility.
* Tweak - WP 5.6 compatibility.

2021-03-17 - version 1.6.1
* Fix - Ensure fields can be added when site is using a RTL language.

2021-03-09 - version 1.6.0
* Fix - Add Better guards for WC Navigation not being enabled.

2021-02-09 - version 1.5.39
* Tweak - WC 5.0 compatibility.
* Tweak - WP 5.6 compatibility.

2020-11-25 - version 1.5.38
* Fix - Add plugin page to new WooCommerce Navigation.
* Tweak - WC 4.7 compatibility.
* Tweak - WP 5.6 compatibility.

2020-09-21 - version 1.5.37
* Fix   - First option is shown instead of placeholder text in Select field.
* Fix   - Extra empty boxes in Order emails.
* Tweak - Add Settings, Docs and Support links to the plugin page.
* Tweak - WC 4.5 compatibility.
* Tweak - Add automated translations.

2020-08-13 - version 1.5.36
* Fix   - Replace deprecated jQuery methods.
* Tweak - WordPress 5.5 compatibility.

2020-07-01 - version 1.5.35
* Fix - Custom placeholder not showing for billing address 2.

2020-06-05 - version 1.5.34
* Tweak - WC 4.2 compatibility.

2020-05-12 - version 1.5.33
* Fix - Allow placeholder override for multiple select field.

2020-04-29 - version 1.5.32
* Tweak - WC 4.1 compatibility.

2020-04-08 - version 1.5.31
* Fix - Datepicker fields don't work on the My Account page.

2020-02-27 - version 1.5.30
* Fix - Not able to add || to denote placeholder.
* Tweak - Remove legacy code.
* Tweak - WC tested up to 4.0


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