ChatBot for WordPress v10.6.9

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ChatBot for WordPress

Download Free ChatBot for WordPress v10.6.9

ChatBot for WordPress Free Download 10.6.9 – CodeCanyon | ChatBot for WordPress v10.6.9 helps you to chat with website visitors, display text responses generated in the WordPress backend, display a small collection of FAQs, allow users to email you for support, or leave their phone numbers, similar to a floating HelpDesk or Conversational Floating Communication bot.

This ChatBot can run in Natural Language Processing mode, Menu Guided mode, or a combination of the two modes.

What Can this ChatBot Plugin do for you?

WPBot can connect with your users in a natural way, increasing customer loyalty and conversion rates. It has the ability to search the website, send/collect eMails, gather user input, and collect phone numbers. Construct conversational types, integrate with messenger, and generate bot responses from the WordPress backend with DialogFlow Rich Messages & Card responses! Onsite Retargeting can be used to view exclusive deals, email subscriptions, and messages on Exit Purpose, among other items.

What is WPBot ChatBot?

ChatBot for WordPress Nulled is a next-generation WordPress chatbot plugin with a range of ready-to-use features. The future of technology is a conversational user interface. WPBot is a new type of user interaction that allows your WordPress website to communicate with your users on a more personal level while still providing a more natural interaction that resembles the real world.

365 days a year, 24 hours a day WPBot Plugin can offer intelligent live chat support to your users and connect with them to provide site search, support, reviews, eMail subscription, and callback services. To get user attention on a product or service you deliver, use the bot notification and the on-site Retargeting feature. Increase customer loyalty, collect eMail addresses, lower scaling costs, and increase user engagement.


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