Candidate Finder v1.6 – Recruitment Management System

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Candidate Finder - Recruitment Management System

Download Free Candidate Finder – Recruitment Management System v1.6

Candidate Finder – Recruitment Management System PHP Script Free Download 1.6 – CodeCanyon | Candidate Finder v1.6 – Recruitment Management System is a professional and sophisticated recruiting and applicant monitoring system created specifically for any organization’s HR department or head hunting / recruitment firms.

Its one-of-a-kind employment board allows you to conduct an analysis and inspection on all applicants before hiring them.

The built-in scaling tools (quizzes, interviews, and attributes) can be allocated to all or some specific applicants, allowing you to compare their skills and talents on a broad and specific scale.

Using various filters, you can download resumes, quiz results, and interview results for all or a subset of selected individuals.

Why Candidate Finder PHP Script?

The system is built on codeigniter and has a comprehensive and simple admin interface for controlling the system’s content and functionality.

It may be set up on any apache or nginx hosting with the bare minimum of installation needs. The front end is designed on a lovely and responsive template, and it includes capabilities for candidates to build their resumes, take quizzes, and more.

Server Requirements

  • Apache or nginx
  • PHP GD library support
  • Database support (e.g. mysql or mssql)
  • PDO extension support
  • OpenSSL support
  • CURL support
  • PHP 5.6 or greater
  • Uploads folder needs to be writeable


  • Job Board with unique features
  • Quiz designer with concept of re-usability
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Gmail and Linkedin login (apis)
  • Team/Users with roles and permissions
  • Multi-language with ten language translations included
  • Interviews creation, assignment and conduct with pdf feature
  • Traits management
  • Quiz Wizard feature for candidates
  • Companies & Departments management for jobs
  • Multiple resume builder for candidates
  • Responsive design for both admin and candidate area
  • News & Announcements via blog
  • Interview designer (similar as quiz designer)
  • Front end features for home page and footer
  • Jobs management
  • Settings for system management

Download Nulled Candidate Finder – Recruitment Management System 1.6(56)

Changelog Candidate Finder – Recruitment Management System

Version 1.6 – 30th March, 2020


  • Support for RTL
  • Language Selectors dropdown with flags in admin and candidate area.
  • Settings to display language selectors on candidate and admin area.
  • Settings for forcing candidates to make resume before applying.
  • Validation messages made multi language enabled and translatable.


  • DB Port issue after installation.
  • Missing placeholders with language translations for form fields.
Version 1.5 – 05th Dec, 2021


  • Display job filters on home banner.
  • Delete job application feature from job board.
  • Show rejected in candidate area in job applications when rejected.
  • Interview view/conduct from job board.


  • Footer text formatting issue.
  • Datatables get requests converted to post requests.
  • Individual job detail page job trait as lang.
  • Interview pdf download error.
Version 1.4 – 17th May, 2021


  • Custom filters feature.
  • Candidate creation by admin feature.
  • Admin login as candidate feature
  • Link for document resume in resume view.
  • From email address field for mail send with auto detect domain in settings.
  • Option to ask for data import during installation.


  • Banner and logo upload issue.
  • Linkedin oAuth remote request issue.
  • Word wrap issue in description of job detail and blog detail page.
  • Admin Job list bulk action issue.
  • Email templates static logo issue.


  • Companies module as purpose can be served with job filters.
Version 1.3 – 19th Nov, 2020


  • Enable/Disable multiple resume feature.
  • Search candidates by job titles and experience in candidates pool.


  • “strict_sql_mode” issue.
  • Candidate Interview remarks issue.
Version 1.2 – 6th July, 2020


  • Date, Time and Location field in interview assignment.
  • Notifications to user and team member when interview assigns.
  • Notification to user when quiz assigns.
  • Message candidate feature.


  • Setting -> Api redirect uri issue during installation.


  • Alphabetic character restriction from some fields to support multi language.
Version 1.1 – 3rd June, 2020


  • Automatic update feature.


  • Intaller issues.
  • Some missing icons


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