Blocksy Companion (Premium) v1.8.16 Nulled

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Blocksy Companion (Premium) v1.7.47 Nulled

Download Free Blocksy Companion (Premium) v1.8.16 Nulled

Blocksy Companion (Premium) Free Download 1.8.16 – creativethemes | Blocksy Companion (Premium) v1.8.16 Nulled helps to get access to all the amazing features to design the most advanced platform for WordPress. In an open and intuitive kit, whatever you might need and then some more is available here.

The Blocksy Companion Nulled v1.8.16 is a plugin that makes a strong Swiss Army knife with the Blocksy theme. Only if the Blocksy theme is installed and working does it run and apply its enhancements.

Build a transparent header and set it on those pages to be conditional. Get more complex components as well. Get some performance controls that will make your website load faster and act smarter.

Activate the certain functionality and load it’s files only after you truly need it.

Blocksy Companion is an extension plugin that transforms Blocksy theme to a formidable Swiss knives. You will have access to all the amazing options for creating the most modern WordPress website. Everything you could need and plus more is included here in a simple and user-friendly package. 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

The Enhanced Header Builder

Create an unlimited number of advanced headers, and then display them on pages of your website according to the specific conditions.

Header Pro Elements

Explore the latest header items which offer endless opportunities for you to design your own headers. They are all carefully designed to fit the original style of Blocksy’s.

Blocks of Content (Hooks)

Create content using your favorite design tools and showcase it on your website with the help of clear visual clues.

Starter Sites Library

An ever-growing library of starter websites that can assist you in speeding the process of building. You can browse the complete collection here.

Additional Header Builder Features

Create a clear header and create a conditional header for certain pages. Additionally, you can get more sophisticated elements.

Extensions Ecosystem

You can activate a specific function and load the documents only when you truly require it. Additional information on extension options can be found here.

Performance Options

Make sure you have some performance controls in place to make your site perform faster and smarter to improve performance.

Beta Releases

Get first in line to try the latest creations we’re making. We do not recommend using on production sites.

More Features Coming Soon

We’re constantly working on making improvements to the companion plugin and we’ll continue to add awesome things.

Display at any location

Utilize any action available from WordPress or any third party tool to show this content block.

Page or post-posting conditions

Place the content block in any of the locations or groups of sites on your site by using display conditions.

User role requirements

Display content that is customized to the your current user’s needs or block it entirely when the user isn’t connected to the system.

Set expiration date

The content block will be displayed in its position for a specific duration of time, using this control.

Set block position

Create beautiful fixed blocks with the block’s location. It can be fixed on either the top or side of the screen.

Create custom 404 page

Replace the boring and default page with your own content block. Design it using your preferred design tool.

Create custom header

While Blocksy’s Header Builder is great, sometimes you require total control. And you can get it.

Create a custom footer

Change the standard footer using an content block created using any page builder or using Gutenberg blocks.

Advanced Menu

Create mega menus

Create stunning dropdowns for your menus, and then insert any content you want to put in them. You can control everything from the width of the overlay to the column layout and their layout , which is displayed.

Include icons in your menu items

Make icons for each menu item along with an image of the label. Also, the text label may be removed completely.

Insert blocks of content (hooks)

Replace the mega overlay column for menus with the block of content. This opens the door to numerous possibilities because the content is dynamic.

Set design styles for menu items

Utilize Blocksy’s advanced styling options to make every item in your menu designed in a unique way to match your preferences.

Custom Fonts

Upload any number of custom fonts to use in every typography option available on Blocksy. Advanced features include customization of variations and variables fonts available.

  • Upload any number of WOFF fonts.
  • Create your own font variations to match the different fonts.
  • Utilize a variety of fonts for varying weights

Google Local Fonts

Keep up-to-date with GDPR’s rules by delegating Google Fonts to your personal server. Choose the fonts you require and Blocksy will take care of everything else.

  • Make sure to use only Google fonts you’ll need
  • Be sure to comply with GDPR regulations.
  • Don’t trust Google servers

Adobe Typekit

Incorporate the Adobe Fonts kit within Blocksy without much effort. Simply paste in your kit ID, and the fonts within it will be accessible to you to use.

  • Load Adobe Typekit kits
  • Easy access to the customizer
  • Integrated with Page builders

Download Blocksy Companion (Premium) v1.8.16 Nulled(167)

Changelog of Blocksy Companion (Premium)

You can view its changelog from its original site


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