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Betheme Responsive Multipurpose WordPress & WooCommerce Theme Nulled v27.2.6 | Betheme Responsive Multipurpose WordPress & WooCommerce Theme Free Download v27.2.6 | Betheme Theme Nulled is the best product we ever did. This is more than just WordPress theme. Such advanced Theme Options panel and the Muffin Builder tool give unlimited possibilities. To show you how theme works, we have created 650+ thematic websites so you can see how amazing this product is.

Betheme Theme Features

  • 4 different grid layouts: 1240px Boxed, 960px Boxed, 1240px Full Width, 960px Full Width
  • Widgetized Top Area (click on arrow in right top corner to see how it works)
  • Awesome Layouts Generator
    • unlimited layouts for pages
    • choose between different logos, headers, layouts, grids or skins
    • basically this option allow to create unlimited totally different pages around one website/domain
  • Unlimited menus (you can choose different menus for different pages)
  • Customizable entry effects on scroll (choose between 22 different entry effects)
  • Custom Font Uploader (upload any font you want and use for website)
  • 7 different header versions (Modern, Classic, Stack: Left, Stack: Center, Stack: Right, Simple & Empty)
  • Under Construction / Maintenance Mode & Blank Page
  • 12 predefined skins
  • One page website possibility with nice scroll effect
  • Smooth & reliable parallax effect 
  • 1 Click Skin Generator
  • Over 200 Muffin Builder and shortcodes items included
  • WooCommerce ready – create own e-commerce store
  • WordPress Multilingual Ready – build multilingual website – (WPML plugin is not included)
  • Built-in translator
  • Mega Menu
    • Setup rows and columns
    • Use titles under columns or not
    • Icons in menu items are available
  • Muffin Builder splitted on sections
  • Sticky Header – can be turned on/off from admin panel
  • Fully Responsive – just check how great it works on mobile devices
  • Retina Ready – Looks great on tablets and mobile devices
  • Tap To Call for mobile devices
  • Contact Form 7 plugin included and styled for theme
    • Set up as many different forms as you want
    • Choose between things like Captcha, checkboxes, select inputs and much more…
    • Most Popular form plugin all around the world

Betheme Free Download

betheme-nulled-zip (LATEST)

Changelog Betheme Theme Nulled

Version 27.2.2 - September 9th, 2023
BeBuilder - User Interface: Default - New elements adding

Version 27.2.1 - September 7th, 2023
BeBuilder - Sticky wraps disappear after page update
Responsive: Laptop - Header Builder - Wrap - Fit container
BeCustom plugin - BeBuilder custom logo size

Version 27.2 - September 6th, 2023
Developer Mode - New BeBuilder interface
Nested Wraps - Design even more advanced layouts
Laptop - New responsive breakpoint
Templates - Single post
Templates - Single portfolio
Shop - Single product template - Product Tabs element
Shop - Free Delivery Progress Bar
Shop - Fake Sale Popup Notification
Layer Navigator - With drag & drop and right-click menu
BeBuilder - New element placeholder image if Lazy Load is enabled in Performance
BeBuilder - Video element - Unwanted PHP debug code removed
Search results page - Pagination if Live Search is enabled
Responsive - Mobile - Off canvas sidebar on shop and products pages
Responsive - Section horizontal padding - Option to disable on tablet/mobile
RTL - Helper element - Buttons position
BeCustom plugin - Custom slug - Betheme dashboard links
Rank Math SEO plugin - Image element shows now as HTML img tag
Pre-built website 2: Consultant 3, Software 2
Elementor pre-built website 2: Consultant 3, Software 2

Version – August 18th, 2023
* Fixed: Header Builder - Cart icon - Cart quantity icon cut off 
* Fixed: Live search - Hide blog and portfolio categories if 'Search shop products only' option is enabled 
* Fixed: Quick Fact element - Empty value when 0 is entered in the number field
Version 27.1.6 – August 16th, 2023
* Added: Video element - HTML5 videos - Playsinline attribute

* Fixed: Betheme Icons - Unwanted right margin removed
* Fixed: Pre-built websites - Section and wrap background image URLs on multisite installation
* Fixed: Payment methods element - Size attibute
* Fixed: Shop slider element - Image size - 'woocommerce_thumbnail' instead of the full size [69032]

* Fixed: BeBuilder - Local CSS styles - Sometimes 'wp_upload_dir' doesn’t return https for SSL websites
* Fixed: WooCommerce builder - Polylang compatibility
* Fixed: Popup builder - Cookie based close conditions - Caching plugins conflict
* Fixed: Sidebar menu builder - Sticky navigation arrows - z-index

* Fixed: Shop - Widgets - Price filter and Be Attributes - Unwanted horizontal scroll removed
* Fixed: Blog - Style: Photo 2 - Unwanted duplicated padding removed

* Fixed: Elementor plugin - Be Gallery widget - Duplicated lightbox

* Fixed: PHP 8.1 - str_contains(): Passing null to parameter of type string is deprecated
* Fixed: PHP 8.1 - preg_replace(): Passing null to parameter of type array|string is deprecated

* 2 Pre-built websites: AI 2, Architect 6
* 2 Elementor pre-built websites: AI 2, Architect 6

Version - August 1st, 2023
Templates - Single product - Default images gallery
Version 27.1.5 - July 31st, 2023
BeBuilder - Transform - Transition origin attribute
Shop - Single product - Default images gallery
Shop - Single product - Quantity input icons
Mobile - Missing body CSS overflow attribute
Version 27.1.4 - July 29th, 2023
BeBuilder - Counter element - Duration attribute
BeBuilder - Counter Inline shortcode - Duration attribute [duration="1000"]
BeBuilder - List element - Tabs link - Target attribute
Shop - Single products - Custom Variation Swatches
Header Builder - Menu element - Submenu open on click - Only one submenu can be opened at a time
Betheme Icons - Missing font-display:swap descriptor added
Under Construction page - Minor PHP notices [70329]
Accessibility - Header - Sliding top and WPML switcher - Misplaced aria-label
HTML5 Semantic Elements 'main, article, section, header' added instead of regular 'div' where needed
Elementor - Be Live Search widget - Info that widget can only be used once per page
WPML plugin - BeBuilder Language Switcher element - Submenu open on click on mobile devices
Version 27.1.3 - July 22nd, 2023
Icon Box element - Icon wrapper - Border radius - Responsive options
BeBuilder - Global sections - Remove deleted section from builder content
BeBuilder - Custom Icons - Check that they are not disabled in Theme Options
BeBuilder - Wrap - Custom width on tablet and mobile
BeBuilder - Box shadow field - Clear color button
Shop - Products per page filter - Priority change to prevent plugin conflict
Shop - Products page - Remove deleted attributes
Templates - Conditions - Limit tags number to prevent errors for sites with 100K+ tags
Templates - Single Product - Disable woocommerce_single_product_summary action in builder
Templates - Single Product - Quantity field - Hide for 'Sold individually' products
Betheme Icons - 45 new icons available
WooCommerce 7.9 - Outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files
Version 27.1.2 - July 18th, 2023
Image Gallery element - More styling options
BeBuilder - Wrap - Min-height attribute
Page Options - Custom JS field
Portfolio - Categories - Category thumbnail
Icon Box element - Title tag - Additional tags: 'p', 'span', 'div'
Header Builder - Icon element - Link title field
Header Builder - Menu element - Text position
BeBuilder elements - Color field - Check if color value is correct
BeBuilder elements - Image field - Get attachemnt metadata function improved
BeBuilder elements - Icon field - Show custom icons
BeBuilder elements - Typography field - Some responsive options not working correctly
Header Builder - Icon Box element - Option to change title and content breaks text align
Header Builder - Closeable section - Section close if cache is enabled
Popup Builder - Display conditions - Single post
BeBuilder Blocks Classic - Hide Font Awesome icons if FA are disabled in Theme Options
Templates: Single product - New template - Error if the are no productsIssue #69944
Templates - Sidebar menu element - Hide in places where it should not be visible
Shop - Side cart - Cart refresh if cache is enabled
Shop - Single product - Custom attributes - Hide on archives page
Shop - Products page - Filter by attribute
Global sections - Convert to global - Section styles are not visible in preview after conversion
Global sections - 'Convert to global' option removed while editing global section
Dynamic data - Duplicated {product_price} tag removed
Search results page - Infinite load if live search is enabled
Mobile - Templates: Single product - Product content element in full width section - Padding for sections in content
Theme Options - Save options - Generate BeBuilder data file
Theme Options - Restored accidentally hidden Search options if global templates are set
Tools - Regenerate CSS - Allowed memory size exhausted of sites with 1000+ posts
Tools - Delete history - Prevent non admin users to run ajax action
Mobile - WordPress dashboard - Admin bar height and spacing
Accessibility: Header - Search field - Missing aria-label

Version 27.1.1 - June 30th, 2023
Dynamic data in not public custom post types
Dynamic data - Testimonials post type - Missing tags added
Query Loops - Background gradient - Empty color value
Query Loops - Dynamic data {featured_image} for wrap hover background image
Theme Options - Restored accidentally hidden Subheader options if global templates are set
Shop - Single product template - Deafult product images gallery
Shop - Products page - Infinite load - Loading more than two pages
Shop - Cart - Missing action 'woocommerce_after_cart_item_name'
PHP 8.1 Deprecated: trim(): Passing null [69906]
Version 27.1 - June 28th, 2023
Sidebar Menu builder
BeBuilder - Convert section to global
BeBuilder - Sections and Wraps - Style presets
Popup builder - Option to disable browser scroll when popup is open
Icon Box element - Option to change title and content order
Button element - Option to scroll to next/previous/last section on click
Theme Options - Hide header and footer options if global templates are set
SEO - Google Tag Manager fields [Theme Options > SEO]
BeBuilder - Element presets - Incorrect data storage key
BeBuilder - Navigator - Global sections missing
Icon box element - Border radius field - Responsive options
Tabs element - Tabs field - Skip html tags
Heading element - Title tag 'span' and text align 'center'
Popup builder - Mixed up local CSS styles after after cloning
Popup builder - Pause video in popup content on popup close
Query Loops - Category include/exclude - Minor PHP warnings
Query Loops - Custom post types - Include/exclude
Dynamic data - Custom post type: Offer - Offer thumbnail tag
Shop - Products list - Products per page option
Shop - Products list - Infinite load does not work if 'Products per page' option is not set
Shop - Single product - Quantity field - Hide if only one piece of the product is available
Shop - Checkout page - Notice banner - Icon size
Shop - Checkout page - Payment method select - JS error which may cause endless loop
BeBuilder Blocks Classic - Typography field - Font family if Custom font is selected
BeBuilder Blocks Classic - Category select field in some elements
Elementor plugin - Hide Betheme popups while editing
WPML String Translation plugin - WPML config file - Shop fields
Pre-built website 2: Barbeque, Ski 3
Elementor pre-built website 2: Barbeque, Ski 3
Version 27.0.9 - June 14th, 2023
Query Loops - Category select - Multiselect field to include or exclude categories
Popup builder - Option to open popup on any link click (class="open-mfn-popup" data-mfnpopup="#mfn-popup-template-XXX")
Popup builder - Popup ID - Copy to clipboard
Popup builder - Page content jumps on popup opening
BeBuilder - Dynamic data - Tag does not parse if there is a character next to it
BeBuilder - Theme Options - Hide if user does not have 'edit_theme_options' capability
WooCommerce 7.8 - Header cart icon - The number of products does not change
WPML plugin - String translation - Social icons
WooCommerce 7.8 - Outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files
Version 27.0.8 - June 12th, 2023
Shop - Single product - Open variable product with link - Select variation provided in URL
Widgets - Be Menu - Option to open submenu on hover but on click on mobile
Shop - Products list - Page options: Hide the content
Shop - Products list - Click on product variation opens product with this variation selected
Shop - Products list - Products per page
Shop - Wishlist - Missing 'Add to cart' and 'Wishlist remove' buttons
BeBuilder - Visual editor field - Toolbar options does not work
BeBuilder Blocks Classic - Unwanted 'Exit link' element removed
BeBuilder Blocks Classic - Missing options in some 'select' fields, i.e. global, sidebar, slider
Templates: Header - Mobile - Unwanted padding removed
Templates: Shop - Unwanted content removed
Query Loops - Dynamic data {featured_image} as wrap background image
Polylang plugin compatibility - BeBuilder - Update button not responding
Betheme dashboard - Missing translation tags added
Pre-built website 2: Leasing 2, Bistro 5
Elementor pre-built website 2: Leasing 2, Bistro 5
Version 27.0.7 - June 1st, 2023
Lighbox - Self hosted .mp4 videos support
Sticky wrap - Custom offset
BeBuilder - Editor error if 'Disable the visual editor when writing' option is enabled
BeBuilder - Missing Advanced tab if BeBulder Blocks Classic is enabled
Version 27.0.6 - May 30th, 2023
Column element - Visual editor - Changes in 'Text' mode are not saved
BeCustom plugin and White Label mode - Remove admin panel video tutorial if custom 'friendly url' is set
BeBuilder Blocks Classic - Restored at the request of our users
Version 27.0.5 - May 30th, 2023
BeBuilder - JS error 'redeclaration of var ajaxurl' if some plugin has already declared it
Error 404 Custom page - Builder styles not loading if performance option Builder local styles is set to 'inline in header' Issue #67777
Rank Math SEO plugin - BeBuilder new data storage format support Issue #69419
WPML plugin - Config file - BeBuilder new data storage format support
Version 27.0.4 - May 27th, 2023
BeBuilder Blocks - Display issue while editing post types: post, shop archive, single product
Templates - Templates that offers live builder only - Issues when Builder Mode is set to Blocks for pages and posts
BeCustom - Custom slug - Edit with BeBuilder button link
BeCustom - Dashboard UI mode Dark Issue #69369
WPML - Translate Templates - Post options
Version 27.0.3 - May 26th, 2023
BeBuilder - Settings - Show confirm window whenever you click one of the options which requires page reload
BeBuilder - Some SVG without specified size are not visible after update
BeBuilder Blocks - Builder loading time whenever set language is different than English
Mobile - Mobile menu: Classic - Duplicated menu toggle icons
Image sizes optimized - Five redundant sizes removed
Pre-built websites - Set recommended WordPress Media image sizes for imported pre-built website
Version 27.0.2 - May 24th, 2023
Before After element - Responsive image dimensions (srcset)
Icon Box - Link title attribute
BeBuilder visibility - Hide for everyone - Error when saving Theme Options or Post Update
Popup builder - Display trigger - On button click - Missing popup template ID
Tools - Regenerate Thumbnails - SVG images with mimetype 'image/svg'
BeBuilder Blocks - UI mode: Auto - Builder icons color
Page Options - Custom CSS field - Unwanted special characters change
Theme Options - Custom fonts - Hash # in font name
Theme Options - Custom fonts not working when Google Fonts disabled
Privacy bar - Hide 'more info' link if link field is empty
Google Maps Advanced element - Additional marker with HTML description
Payment Methods element - Image alt tag PHP notice
PHP 8.1 Deprecated: preg_replace(): Passing null to parameter
Theme Options - Pagination type option moved to Global > Navigation
Version 27.0.1 - May 23rd, 2023
Post/Page options - Missing select field values
Tools - Analyze Builder content - Missing tabs field type Issue #69024
Theme Options - Missing CodeMirror in some fields
Blog element - Style: Photo 2 - Columns: 2 - Description wrapper position
Button element - Option to open or close popup
PHP 8.1 Deprecated: Creation of dynamic property is deprecated
PHP 8.1 Deprecated: trim(): Passing null

Version 27.0 – May 22nd, 2023
* Added: Huge performace update:

Create Really Fast-Loading Websites.
It’s now easier than ever to create websites that score 100 on PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix.
Take full control over your website performance or use one click performance setup.
BeBuilder is better than ever with 3x loading speed of the builder and 20x less builder data storage.

BeBuilder Blocks is now part of BeBuilder. Check it if you go for a classic look but want an extremely fast builder.

* Added: BeBuilder - Wrap - Position: Offset - Responsive switch
* Added: Query Loops - Option to show children of current category
* Added: Tools - Analyze Builder content - Prepare builder content in format readable for external plugins and post search.

* Fixed: BeBuilder - Global sections and wraps - Modern navigation
* Fixed: Query Loops - Hide loop if it is empty for specified term
* Fixed: Elementor - Be Table of Contents widget - Simple links format for languages based on non URL friendly characters.

* 2 Pre-built websites: Business 7, Wedding Car
* 2 Elementor pre-built websites: Business 7, Wedding Car
Version 26.8.5 – May 10th, 2023
* Fixed: Shop - Single product - Sidebar inherited from shop page if there are no templates
* Fixed: Shop - Single product - Product images gallery - Minor CSS fix
* Fixed: Shop - Related products missing if product uses custom attributes related
* Fixed: Shop - Related and Upsell products - Duplicated price [69098]
* Fixed: Templates - Shop - Single product - Missing product classes and gallery styles

* Fixed: Popup Builder - Popup open on button click if there are more than one popup at one site

* Fixed: PHP 8.2 Deprecated: Creation of dynamic property is deprecated
* Fixed: Accessibility - Misplaced aria-labels moved [69053]

* Fixed: Rank Math SEO plugin - Content update even if BeBuilder Blocks is disabled
Version 26.8.4 – May 4th, 2023
* Added: Responsive - Mobile - Maximum images srcset width
* Added: System Status - Show warning if site uses insecure http connection

* Fixed: BeBuilder - History - Undo action
* Fixed: BeBuilder - Section - Deprecated section styles - Options are invisible and cannot be deselected
* Fixed: BeBuilder - Keyboard shortcodes - Ctrl+C
* Fixed: BeBuilder - Transform - Minor CSS fixes
* Fixed: Popup Builder - Template type changes to 'page template' if popup is updated in backend editor
* Fixed: Popup Builder + WPML plugin - Display conditions

* Fixed: Shop - Archives - Price is missing if shop template is not selected
* Fixed: Shop - Single product - Quantity field - Hide for 'Sold individually' products
* Fixed: Shop - Single product - Sidebar inherited from shop page [68823]
* Fixed: Shop - Single product - Custom Variation Swatches
* Fixed: Shop - Single product - Minor CSS fixes

* Fixed: Social Icons - Add https:// prefix if missing
* Fixed: Pre-built websites - Database reset - Remove widgets to prevent Inactive widgets excess
* Fixed: PHP 8.1 Deprecated: Automatic conversion of false to array

* Fixed: Contact Form 7 - Response output - Missing CSS style
* Fixed: Elementor plugin - Be Gallery widget - Lightbox - Missing title and description [68831]
* Fixed: BeCustom plugin - Betheme Dashboard page content [68866]
* Fixed: BeCustom plugin - Edit with BeBuilder link

* Removed - Automatic theme updates - WordPress 6.2 do not allow auto updates for themes outsite
Version – April 21st, 2023
* Fixed: Header Builder - Menu element - Deprecated styles removed
* Fixed: Shop page - Product image - Secondary image size on hover

* Fixed: WP Rocket plugin - Too few arguments to function maybe_disable_core_lazyload()
Version 26.8.3 – April 20th, 2023
* Added: Betheme Tools - Regenerate Thumbnails - Restore missing SVG images dimensions
* Added: Header Builder - Header and Sticky header - Width attibute
* Added: Toggle element - Parse some shortcodes in tab content [68403]
* Added: WPML plugin - BeBuilder Language Switcher element

* Fixed: Shop page - Page title tag [68669]
* Fixed: Shop page - Sidebar select - Default WooCommerce sidebar
* Fixed: Templates - Shop page - Duplicated product attibutes
* Fixed: Header Builder - Menu element - Menu icons height
* Fixed: Header Builder - Menu element - Active menu link color
* Fixed: Header Builder - Scroll when click on menu link with anchor - Scroll position [68752]

* Fixed: Theme Options - Responsive - Mobile site width
* Fixed: Theme Options - Responsive - Layout - Changed confusing function description

* Fixed: Under Construction page - Launch date - Countdown [68697]
* Fixed: PHP 7.2 Error: Redundant comma in Builder class
* Fixed: PHP 8.1 Deprecated: strpos/trim(): Passing null [68733]

* Improved: Shop page - Product image - Specify exact width instead of selecting options
* Improved: Image element - Missing srcset and sizes added
* Improved: Performance - Disable WordPress assets - Block library - Include WooCommerce blocks CSS
Version 26.8.2 – April 13th, 2023
* Added: Popup Builder - Popup options - Box shadow
* Added: Popup Builder - Popup options - Height
* Added: Popup Builder - Popup options - z-index

* Fixed: Popup Builder - Default z-index increased
* Fixed: Popup Builder - Prevent site content scroll when popup is open

* Fixed: Header Builder - Icon element - Image - Missing width and height attributes
* Fixed: Header Builder - Menu Burger element - Image - Missing width and height attributes
* Fixed: Header Builder - Payment methods element - Images - Missing width and height attributes
* Fixed: Divider element - Image - Missing width and height attributes

* Fixed: My account - Login form - Duplicated IDs

* Improved: Pre-built websites - WordPress unzip_file() function fallback
Version 26.8.1 – April 12th, 2023
* Fixed: Shop - Archives - Price is missing if shop template is not selected
* Fixed: Header Builder - Logo element - Missing width and height attributes
* Fixed: Mobile - Header Creative + Default mobile header
* Fixed: GDPR & Cookies - Image element - Missing width and height attributes
Version 26.8 – April 11th, 2023
* Added: Popup Builder

* Added: Search results page for products - Option to use shop page sidebar
* Added: Shop - Single product - Gallery - Option to show slider arrows

* Fixed: Vulnerability - Cross Site Scripting on some Shop pages

* Fixed: BeBuilder - Password protected posts
* Fixed: BeBuilder - History - Date shows 1970-01-01 for some cutom date formats [232544]
* Fixed: BeBuilder - Responsive visibility - Unable to move element over hidden one
* Fixed: Header Builder - Plain Text element
* Fixed: Query Loop + Dynamic Data - Parsing error for some custom post types
* Fixed: Templates - Single post in category - Header and footer display conditions

* Fixed: Shop - Shop page - Sidebar select in page options and both sidebars support
* Fixed: Shop - Checkout page - Payment method select [68268]

* Fixed: Counter element - Empty value when 0 is entered in the number field
* Fixed: Betheme Dashboard - Plugins - Check if ZipArchive extansion exists

* Fixed: WPML plugin - Shop attribute labels
* Fixed: WPML plugin - Live search - Option to search in current language

* 2 Pre-built websites: Eco 4, Lingerie
* 2 Elementor pre-built websites: Eco 4, Lingerie
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