B2B Pro v1.1.1 – Powerful WooCommerce B2B & WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin

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B2B Pro - Powerful WooCommerce B2B & WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin

Download Free B2B Pro – Powerful WooCommerce B2B & WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin v1.1.1

B2B Pro WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin Free Download 1.1.1 – CodeCanyon | B2B Pro v1.1.1 – Powerful WooCommerce B2B & WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin allows you to manage your store for both B2B and B2C customers. There are many ways you can divide your clients into different categories, apply different rates to different groups of customers, conceal or remove things, and more.

All of this can be done quickly and easily using an e-commerce panel that has been specifically created for this purpose.

Our primary desire is to make the WooCommerce shopping experience as simple, quick, and elegant as possible. In order to enhance your overall shop management experience, not just B2B, we created B2B Pro, a dedicated admin panel/theme for e-commerce.

Admin Panel/Theme

It is possible to switch off this panel at any moment from the

Alternatively, you can use the standard WP Admin panel by going to the B2B Pro > Settings > Features page.

The B2B Pro Admin Panel can be used in conjunction with the conventional WP Admin Panel.


  • Assign a variety of guidelines to all areas of the shop.
  • Adjust the price of the products or categories that you want to discount.
  • Product or Category Price Hide — Hide product or category pricing
  • Require the products you select to be added to the cart as X and all of its multiples using this step.
  • Minimum Order – Determine the minimum quantity or value that must be included in an order for it to be placed.
  • Set the maximum quantity or value that must be included in the shopping cart before an order may be placed.
  • Make sure that free shipping is available when you need it most.
  • Reducing the price of items in the cart
  • Add a fee – Increase the purchase price.
  • You can apply a discount based on the payment method you select.
  • Min & Max Payment Method — Set the minimum and maximum payments for each payment type.
  • Exemption (Customer) – Tax exemption for the customer
  • Product Tax Exemption – Tax exclusion for the products that qualify
B2B Groups:
  • Group your B2B clients into categories.
  • Determine for each group the shipping methods that will be in use.
  • Decide on the payment options that will be available to the various groups.
  • Each group can have its own set of rules, discounts, or visibility settings.
Expand the registration and billing form:
  • Add as many additional fields as you like.
  • Groups can be linked to an unlimited number of registration types.
  • Accept consumers automatically or manually based on the registration type they’ve filled out
  • B2B registration should have its own form.
  • Fill out the registration form with your VAT number.
  • Increasing the visibility of your product
  • For each customer group, hide products.
  • Customer groups can hide categories.
  • Limit access to the store’s web page to only authorised customers.
  • Restrict visitors to the site entirely.
  • “Request a price quote” should be replaced by “Add to cart.”
The price of a product is as follows:
  • Each consumer group should have a different set of prices
  • Prices are divided into groups according on the number of items purchased.
  • Display a pricing matrix on the product page.
  • I’d want to see a page for promotions on my account
  • Organize promotions for a specific consumer or a group of customers
  • Track the number of people who viewed, added to the cart, or purchased the promotion.


Download Nulled B2B Pro – Powerful WooCommerce B2B & WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin 1.1.1(43)

Changelog B2B Pro – Powerful WooCommerce B2B & WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin

1.1.1 – May 12, 2022


  • (+/-) buttons added to Qty input in Wholesale Order Form
  • Some minor bug fixes and improvements
1.1.0 – April 19, 2022


  • NEW: “Restrict pages” option to force guests to login when they want to access Shop/Products pages or all pages (B2B Pro > Settings > Guests)
  • NEW: Options for product images, out-of-stock products and subtotal in Bulk Order form (B2B Pro > Settings > My Account)
  • Bulk Order Form is now only visible to B2B users
  • Some style adjustments for Bulk Order form


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