Automatic.css v2.1.2 – Utility Framework for WordPress Page Builders

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Automatic.css - Utility Framework for WordPress Page Builders

Download Free Automatic.css – Utility Framework for WordPress Page Builders v2.1.2

Automatic.css Free Download 2.1.2 – | Automatic.css – Utility Framework for WordPress Page Builders v2.1.2 is the only one that smoothly changes between builder and builder. No additional costs, no additional plugins. Learn it once , and then apply it wherever you want to.

Core Features of Automatic.css

Automatic Typography

Everything that you place on the Automatic.css run website which includes text, be it an article, paragraph, form field, list, or something else, will follow an exact mathematical scale the hierarchy of 12 different sizes that are all completely mobile-responsive and automatically generated. The best part is that your entire website is at your control from The Automatic.css dashboard.

Automatic Fallbacks

Certain browsers aren’t compatible with Clamp as well as Calc functions that are at the core of Automatic.css its responsiveness. Don’t worry about it but, since Automatic.css provides near-perfect fallbacks using Calc in browsers which do not support Clamp or Clamp, as well as “pure” fallbacks using rem or px for browsers that do not support Calc. You do, however, can fully control the fallbacks that are pure.

Automatic Grid

Automatic.css is the very first software framework that offers dynamically responsive grids. Choose the desired number of columns on your desktop, and Automatic.css takes care of the rest. Developers who want total control of their grids at every breaking point, Automatic.css provides full-control through traditional grid classes for utility.

Insane Customizability

Think that a completely automated framework locks you into the same set of values on every website? Don’t! Automatic.css offers you incredible precise control over typography, spacing, and colors so that it is easy to create designs using Figma Sketch, Figma, and XD without any issues. It’s great for agencies as well as teams.

Automatic Colors

Create your own brand colors and Automatic.css automatically creates six shade variations for each color. Classes let you to color any part (including background and overlays) using these shade variants, and you can also use them with your own classes and IDs through Automatic.css colors utility variables.

Automatic Spacing

Similar to the typography used in Automatic.css margins, padding and gaps are all based on an exact mathematical scale, giving the user access to six hierarchical spacing values as well as six hierarchical section spacing values. All of these are instantly respond to. In addition spacing utility variables will ensure that even fully custom elements are consistent in spacing.

Automatically Responsive

Automatic.css utilizes sophisticated CSS Clamp and Calc methods to ensure that fonts, margins padding, gaps, and typography are fully responsive to the minimum and maximum size of the viewport on your site. It is not necessary to play with breakpoints, no matter how you modify the system to match an exact layout or design.

How is Automatic.css Different?

Automatic.css offers a variety of unique and fundamental distinctions from other frameworks. It is, in the opinion of many, an entirely new and distinctive way to design utility frameworks. If you’d like to know the fundamental differences between the two, read this write up.

Changelog Automatic.css – Utility Framework for WordPress Page Builders

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