Atlas Business Directory Listing

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Atlas Business Directory Listing

Download Free Atlas Business Directory Listing PHP Script v2.7

Atlas Business Directory Listing PHP Script Free Download 2.7 – CodeCanyon | Atlas Business Directory Listing v2.7 offers you the best platform for one minute building. Set up and organize your business directory portal is highly customizable and the easiest script on the market. All modern directory listing functionalities are integrated in Atlas, giving it an industry standard and a robust solution for your business development.

Admin features

  • Easy installation process
  • Smtp settings setup
  • Listing category & subcategory manager
  • Setup guide provided with product documentation
  • Listing rating manager
  • Review inappropriate reported listings
  • Listing cities manager
  • Most flexible listing creation form
  • Portal’s terms, privacy policy, FAQ manager
  • Listing amenities manager
  • Pricing package manager
  • User database monitoring
  • Make listing pending/active with just one click
  • Watch customer’s purchase report history
  • Multi language translation manager
  • Website settings manager
  • Payment and currency setup for PayPal, stripe
  • System status monitoring dedicated page

Customer feature

  • Dedicated user panel to manage account
  • Get room booking orders by making hotel directories
  • Purchase package and create listing
  • Print or download invoice of purchase
  • Create shopping directory with product details
  • Get table booking orders by making restaurant directories
  • Create hotel type directory with room details
  • Watch package purchase report
  • Create restaurant directories with food menu details
  • Add favorite directories to Wishlist & browse later
  • Create & publish listing following purchased package limit
  • Give rating and reviews to preferred directories

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