Asset CleanUp Pro v1.1.9.1 – Performance WordPress Plugin

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Asset CleanUp Pro - Performance WordPress Plugin

Download Free Asset CleanUp Pro – Performance WordPress Plugin v1.1.9.1 Nulled

Asset CleanUp Pro – Performance WordPress Plugin Free Download Nulled – Gabelivan | Asset CleanUp Pro v1.1.9.1 – Performance WordPress Plugin Nulled scans the website and identifies all the loaded assets. You simply have to pick a CSS/JS that you cannot load, thereby reducing your bloat when editing a page/post.

This Asset CleanUp Pro WordPress Plugin works better when used with a cache plugin (e.g. WP Rocket, WP Fastest Cache, W3 Total Cache), a hosting firm that provides packages with a server-level cache (e.g. WP Engine, Kinsta).

  • Pages for taxonomy, such as default categories of WordPress, tags and generated custom pages, such as WooCommerce product categories.
  • Author pages (e.g. all posts of a particular author written, detected by a function is author())
  • Default Search Page for WordPress
  • Search page WooCommmerce (which has the same settings as the current shop page found by the shop feature is shop())
  • 404 Page: it has the lightest possible and is less likely to be used in several files (detected by the is 404() function) of the CSS and the JavaScript files required here.
  • Page for the Date Archive: Any papers filtered by the date will be returned from this page by the is date() function

You can thus optimize the website without apply the “live” changes (for the frequent visitors) in the event of concerns that a change will break the functionality of the website. This allows you to optimize the website without downloading the unwieldy files, to defer to JavaScript files, to clean up HTML code) You will only be able to request any changes you make (the logged in administrator). Once you are pleased to see how the page looks and performs, you can disable ‘Test Mode’ to push the changes live to allow everyone else to load the page more quickly.

Asset CleanUp Pro Features:

  • JavaScript Inline Files
  • Instruct your browser to download a visitor-sized CSS/JS file
  • Delay loaded CSS to minimize rendering blocking.
  • Manage files for CSS & JavaScript in categories, tags, personalized taxonomy pages, date & author archive pages, search results & 404 pages not found.
  • Manage CSS and JavaScript hardcoded (non-running) files
  • Move from (to minimize Render Blocking) or vice versa CSS & JavaScript files to
  • To load JavaScript files apply “async” and “defer” attributes
  • Priority in the release of new features (updates that are meant for both Lite and Pro plugins are first released to the Pro users)

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