ARPrice – WordPress Pricing Table Plugin v4.0.1

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ARPrice v3.0 - Responsive Pricing Table Plugin for WordPress

Download Free ARPrice – WordPress Pricing Table Plugin v4.0.1

ARPrice – WordPress Pricing Table Plugin Free Download Nulled 4.0.1 – CodeCanyon | ARPrice v4.0.1 – WordPress Pricing Table Plugin is a professional WordPress Pricing Table plugin allows you to design responsive pricing tables and table comparisons between plans in no time. There’s no hassle, no fuss simply an extremely flexible, powerful real-time editor, with various pricing table templates that allow you to design pricing tables for a variety of WordPress themes. Additionally, you can create a team showcases with ARPrice which is essentially two-in-one plugin.

Create attractive pricing tables that load quickly and incorporates JavaScript/CSS resources on the page where Shortcode has been put.

Why to choose ARPrice – WordPress Pricing Table Plugin?

ARPrice is the most comprehensive and feature-rich pricing table plugin that will be available on WordPress of 2022 . It includes 300+ templates for pricing tables providing you with all the tools needed to create unique and effective pricing tables and comparison tables within minutes. It also lets you create stunning team displays quickly.

The gorgeous and user-friendly ARPrice dashboard is unique thanks to its amazing live editor. Select a template and simply drag-and-drop tools personalize your table to the last aspect. You can include an unlimited amount of columns modify the colors, fonts and icons, and then add your own ribbons and images (to advertise a sale such as).

Utilizing the ARPrice WordPress price table you can enhance your columns by incorporating effects and animations (such as hover and glow, as well as fade, slide, and fall) and even incorporate videos (with YouTube, Vimeo support and many more). We are also proud to announce the arrival of the much-requested weekly/monthly/yearly toggle switch, which you can set as a tab at the top of each table.

The great thing about the simple pricing table ARPrice real-time editor, apart of how simple it is to use it also allows users to instantly view their modifications and view how the tables will appear similar across every device (mobile tablets, desktops, etc.).

ARPrice price tables WordPress plugin offers greater variety of unique designs than other plugin for pricing tables. Twenty templates featuring 13-14 color choices with 900+ fonts and more than 2400 icons for fonts, give you an unlimited amount of possibilities for your personalization.

Along with templates ARPrice has hundreds of unique and original samples available to download for free.


Select a table layout from the many professional designs available and edit it in real-time, change spacing and fonts, include media, apply animations as well as hovers and hovers!


The perfect app for any device It works on all devices, including retina displays. The tables you design using ARPrice will automatically adjust to accommodate any modern display.


The plugin is so versatile you can use it alongside well-known WordPress page builders, as well as with other multi-purpose third-party plugins.


An easy method to see the differences between your monthly and annual plans and other offers (up of 5) by using a toggle which can be activated in just only a couple of clicks.

Refined Version 3.0

We’ve implemented the most effective user-centric design and efficiency practices into the most current version. You can easily update specific sections of your table using an intuitive interface that runs at rapid pace. We offer manual customization control over every piece of your table, making certain that you never require technical assistance.

Out-of-the-box Team Showcase

The ARPrice is a great tool to create comparison tables as well as an employee showcase and also for the presentation of staff members. Choose any template that is professional and add your content, alter layouts, add animation effects, and add social icons and you’re prepared!

Built-in Analytics

Get results based on data for every table view and button clicks. Measure and compare the performance of various tables

Compatible with Time-proven and New WordPress Solutions

ARPrice is a plugin that uses shortcodes which means that it easily integrates with the most popular page builders to be content elements. Create a variety of layouts and designs using your favorite builder. add ARPrice comparison tables in them in a matter of clicks.

300 Professional Table Templates

Our designers designed distinctive comparison table designs with skins suitable for all types of businesses and tastes. Start with less effort, design stunning and useful price comparison tables regardless of the theme chosen.

Price & Offer Toggle

Have different sets of features with a tiered price? Allow users to switch between the features with a switch and also compare. You can add and modify as many as 5 offers, and price variations such as annually, monthly, etc.

Reactive with Live Preview

Add unlimited table columns , and select the preferred display: choose the number of columns per row you would like to show on both tablets and mobiles independently. View previews in the administrator panel.

3000+ Icons

Enjoy the benefits of data visualization that is easy using icons. The plugin comes with innovative icons from providers such like Font Awesome, Google Material Icons, Ionicons and Typicons.

Animation Effects

To create more vibrant and rich pricing tables, you can add animation effects such as slide, fade, swing and many more. The effects of hover can be managed manually, and without code.

Control Submission Data

Get submission data specific to various buttons that use the GET method as well as for customized variables for submission.

Hide Column Footer

If you do not want to display hyperlinks to social profiles as well as hide buttons and other details from the footer area, ARPrice provides this level of personalization easily.

Custom Colors

Simply choose the best color scheme, or make customized colors for certain column sections: backgrounds the main features body, header hovers, and much more.

Resizable Ribbons

Best deal, discount, hot. Tag any relevant tags onto columns of tables using automatically elastic CSS3-based ribbons. You can also use images as ribbons.

PayPal Buy Now Button

For stores on the internet that make use of PayPal this plugin allows seamless integration with the payment method for accepting payments. If you prefer, you can use a universally recognized PayPal payments button.

Handy Tooltips

Pop-up guidance windows can be added on any table to enhance the UX. Change the colors and styles of tooltips include animation effects and icons Set a custom width, and more.

900 Google Fonts

Update fonts and sizes only for specific parts of your tables, such as head description pricing, tooltips tabs and more. The entire range of Google fonts is right at fingertips!

Import / Export Templates

Have you created some amazing tables and would like to put them on another website? It is easy to import and export tables with custom pricing WordPress template templates to domains.

Custom CSS Guidance

We’re proud to present our WordPress Pricing Table plugin is the most efficient method of dealing with your own CSS. You have access to the data on each column’s classes to use your own CSS without effort.

Column Rotation

Incorporate rotation effects to multi-column tables. Let users navigate by clicking or rotating columns automatically. Select the preferred navigation effects that allow for smooth and smooth rotation.

Entirely Clickable Column

If you’d like to connect the entire column, not just a call-to action section It’s totally possible. The whole table will act as a button once clicked.

Unlimited Columns

Simple or complicated with three or more columns – we’re not limiting your options. Whatever number of columns you’ve added they will appear organized and organized regardless of the device you use.

Statistics Tool

Monitor the performance and activity of each table by using our built-in analysis tool. monitor clicks and visits of users to gather insight and improve your comparison tables.

Translation & RTL Ready

ARPrice is compatible using the most effective WPML WordPress plugin to create custom translations. It also supports the RTL scripting system too is compatible with the plugin.

Google Maps Support

Are you looking to compare tour packages? Events? Real estate locations? Whatever your goal, you can add the interactive Google Maps right into the columns of comparable listings.

Video and Audio Embeds

It is easy to add media files to these columns. YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, HTML5 videos, Mixcloud, Soundcloud, Beatport, HTML5 audios. Lightbox is compatible with videos.

Button Styles

Make the buttons for call-to-action in your tables of comparison distinct and easy to read – we’ve added a range of cool buttons styles (classic modern, contemporary and outlined and so on.) for you to pick from.

Lightweight Source Code

We manage the weighty JS as well as CSS part with care by loading them only in the areas where the shortcode is. Together with other optimization techniques you will be able to enjoy beautiful and light tables.

Rows and Columns Navigation

Improve your editing experience with an easy navigation between columns and rows. An efficient workflow for editing is assured.

Visual Tour and Docs

We will be there for you throughout the process: start by using an easy-to-use interactive tour, address-based documentation , or contact us via email.

Background Image Support

A striking and vibrant pricing tables aren’t an issue if you choose to set backgrounds for each column and modify them to make them more readable the rest of the content.

Show / Hide Column Sections

The column itself is split into distinct areas that you can modify independently. Remove unnecessary sections in certain columns with just one click.

Sales Page

Download ARPrice – WordPress Plugin v4.0.1(3)


  • More than 300
  • Fully Completely
  • Monthly year-round prices that toggle
  • Realtime Pricing Table Editor
  • Responsive Pricing Tables Design
  • Responsibilities can be customisable to work with any theme
  • Detailed Analytics for Pricing Table Views
  • ARPrice is a retailer that has CSS-based ribbons It’s fully customizable
  • Live Preview for Desktop VersionTablet Version and Mobile Version
  • Visual Composer integration is supported
  • Separate Settings for HeaderBodyPricing and Buttons
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Alongside Browser Default Fonts
  • Font Awesome support
  • Assistance to Paypal PayPal Script as well as other shortercodes
  • Supports Videos ( youtube, vimeo, dailymotion, metacafe)
  • It supports Audios ( mixcloud, soundcloud, beatport,)
  • HTML5 Audio & Video supported
  • Google map supported
  • Customizable Tooltip Support
  • Colors of unlimited colors
  • Column Rotation with a variety of options
  • Unlimited Columns support
  • WPML Ready
  • You can import and export templates from any location.

Change Log of ARPrice Plugin

Version 4.0 (15 Dec, 2021)
  • Added facility to set opacity for text colors and background colors
  • Added new option to set sticky header while scrolling
  • Other minor bug fixes

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