AMPforWP Extensions v1.0.72 + Addons

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AMPforWP Extensions 1.0.52

Download Free AMPforWP Extensions v1.0.72 Nulled Pack

AMPforWP Extensions Free Download 1.0.72 – ampforwp | AMPforWP Extensions 1.0.72 AMP for WP adds mobile pages accelerated to the WordPress website automatically (Google AMP Project). To mobile users, AMP makes the website easier.

Features of AMP for WP Plugins and Extensions v1.0.72

Extensions are a strong way to enhance the AMP experience and to adapt it. You can use the power of AMPforWP & WordPress to add new functionality to your extensions. You can sell them now on our list of AMP extensions.

You can now insert advertisements between contents easily from any AD network. This has 7 different ad sizes and also an option allows you to pick the number of paragraphs to display the AD. Connection ad units are also sponsored.

The AMP extension building page compatibility provides support for common site builders such as Divi, Elementor. The support of page builders out of the box is almost difficult as they all have different systems but we have done our best to support teams and continue to develop our usability to provide “out of the box” experience.

Presentation of the revolutionary AMP cache system. It goes one step further than AMP and makes Blazing easy to load the AMP pages!

During our test, we saw enormous speed improvements. It runs on any server and offers an immediate preview for your audience. It’s so quick and safe and you’re going to be surprised.

With only one click you can now enable support for WooCommerce in AMP! The listing page pages Shop, Cart, and Archive are supported.

We have rewritten and added advanced features to the AMP WooCommerce extension. We streamlined the user interface and improved the design.

It is the most popular WordPress AMP E-Commerce feature.

From your WordPress admin area, you can delete the AMP CDN cache directly. You can access the CDN cache on Google in your WordPress with this creative extension.


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