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Amelia - Enterprise-Level Appointment Booking

Download Free Amelia – Enterprise-Level Appointment Booking v5.1.0 Nulled

Amelia – Enterprise-Level Appointment Booking Free Download Nulled v.5.1.0 – CodeCanyon | Amelia v5.1.0 – Enterprise-Level Appointment Booking WordPress Plugin is a next-generation WordPress Appointment Booking plugin developed by an award-winning team with the latest technology.

For all our customers who are wondering about the high price, and for all customers with expiring assistance: kindly contact us so that we can give you comprehensive responses and data and propose alternatives and unique offers that are presently accessible.

Amelia Plugin for WordPress Nulled is your automated reservation expert, working 24/7 to ensure that even while you’re sleeping, your clients can make appointments. Amelia offers a way to configure a service catalog and service categories (groups)–each service can have its own cost, length, permit or disallow group appointments; configuration is feasible.

Amelia is a simple but efficient automated booking system that is available all hours of the day to ensure your clients can make dates or events and pay for them online, even while you’re asleep!

It is an new generation Appointment booking WordPress plugin created with the latest technology developed by an award-winning team.

This tool will be your automatic booking agent who is available all hours of the day to ensure your clients can book appointments while you’re asleep.

Where can I view the list of features?

It’s not comprehensive, but it covers all the major aspects. Comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and demos and more are available. on the website of the plugin.

Amelia Other examples:

  • Spa salons
  • Salons for beauty and hairdressing
  • Wedding photographers and private photographers
  • Private tour guides
  • Private dental clinics, dentists and other health companies
  • Business and law experts
  • Business and personal life coaches as well as business
  • Tourism industry
  • Repair and service centers for repair and service
  • Private psychologists
  • Cosmetologists
  • Internet Cafes
  • and many more

Do you find it difficult to install and to use?

Not at all! Installation and configuration are easy. Each page on the backend includes toolstips and links to the related documentation pages in the bottom.

We made the documentation as precise as we could to ensure your smooth onboarding as possible.

Search-like interface for booking

As proven by numerous major booking sites it is very easy for visitors to choose the most suitable time slot by typing in the search terms in the filter interface. If you take a salon that is a hairdresser for instance you can select an exact date and hairdresser, and then browse the all available slots. Amelia has a shortcode that will display the search interface with just 2 clicks:

Catalog view of categories and services

If you’ve got Amelia running on WordPress You don’t need to fret about creating a separate WordPress website for each category of service or service.

You can use additional plugins to display images of a service or arrange services into folders. Amelia offers an integrated interface that allows using a single shortcode, you can display all your service categories in one place, and, if you prefer, one category, or even one service.

Step-By-Step Booking Wizard

In some instances, customers prefer booking in a step-by step method, in which they first select a service and an employee, and then a date, then a slot or time slot, etc.

This Amelia provides a step-by step booking wizard in a simple one-page application, which permits users to easily switch between the steps. Wizard can be integrated into any page by using the use of a single shortcode.

On-Site Payments Support

If you do not want to setup additional payment systems and also pay transaction fees instead, you can pay on-site this means that your customers pay cash at the time they arrive. Data on payments is kept in the system’s database.

PayPal Payments Support

Amelia provides integration with the largest and most well-known payment method in the world – PayPal. The configuration process is a matter of a couple of clicks. You can utilize your Sandbox mode to test it out before launching the application in production mode.

Stripe Payments Support

The Stripe payment system is becoming ever more well-known worldwide. Amelia comes with built-in support this payment system, and like the rest of Amelia, setting up takes a few minutes. Stripe lets you test the system before changing into production mode.

Informative back-end dashboard

Amelia was created to be a focus on the most important aspects for everyone involved in the process of booking. The most important factor is that of the owner. The main back-end page for the plugin is called the Dashboard which tracks every critical business KPI in one control panel. It allows business managers and owners to monitor all crucial variables.

Interactive Calendar for Scheduling

The best way to visualize your schedule is using an overview of the calendar. We have worked very hard to create a highly flexible and precise calendar view that can provide the information you require – all of the services and employees or only certain ones, such as weekly, monthly daily, or more specific Timeline and List views.

Support for Multiple Employees

It isn’t a problem if your company is run by a single person or you employ 20 people and you need to hire 20 employees Amelia will be able to help in both situations. Each employee is able to provide a set of services and have their own schedules and days off, as well as working schedules and break times.

Support for Multiple Services and Categories

Amelia allows you to set up the catalog of services and classes (groups) that include services. Each service can be priced separately duration, duration, and allow or exclude appointment groups; it’s possible to define buffer time prior to (time required in preparation for the appointment) as well as buffer times after (time required before the same employee can accept new clients, e.g. to take a break or clean up).

Support for Appointment Extras (Bonuses)

If you want to promote certain products or services to customers who make appointments, you can effortlessly do this using Amelia. E.g. when you’re offering a guide tour, and want to also sell meals in the course of the trip, or many polaroid images as well as tickets to museums, just include these as extras (Bonuses):

Support for Multiple Business Locations

Amelia will assist you in the growth of your business, and expand to more locations for your business. Each location is able to add to your database and employees assigned to the locations and your clients will also be able to select a location when they make their booking.


Download Amelia Nulled Appointment Booking 5.1.0(42) Download Amelia Nulled Appointment Booking 4.5.1(149) Download Amelia Nulled Appointment Booking 4.4(40)

Changelog Amelia Nulled  Enterprise-Level Appointment Booking

Version 5.1 (Released 18.07.2022)

New update with several new options, improvements, and bug fixes:


  • group_appointments_details placeholder added
  • Option to Book Packages from the back-end
  • Total capacity option for the Packages added – now you can set the total capacity for the package and let your customers choose the number of appointments that they will book for each service inside the package
  • Added options to customize the sidebar on the Redesigned Step-by-step Booking form


  • Added “Amount Paid” to the Export Appointments option
  • Added option in the Lesson Space to keep the same space for the same customer/student and employee/teacher
  • Added changes to the Payment Summary to the Step-by-step 2.0 booking form


  • Fixed issue with a calculated price on the Step-by-step 2.0 when the coupon is greater than the service price
  • Fixed issue with the Step-by-step 2.0 booking in the popup
  • Fixed issue with mandatory attachment field
  • Fixed issue with not sending the attendee code in the employees’ notifications
  • Fixed issue with not being able to create the special days in the employees’ panel
  • Fixed issue with pending notifications and canceled appointments
  • Fixed issue with retrieving Google/Outlook events for the next month
  • Fixed issue with “Allow admin to book at any time” option and “Period available for booking in advance” option
  • Fixed issue with the “Load entities on page load” option and hidden service
  • Fixed issue with uppercase letters in the titles of the Step-by-step 2.0 booking form
  • Fixed issue with Google listings and ads
  • Fixed conflict with the GoDaddy plugin
  • Other small bug fixes and stability improvements
Version 4.5.1 (Released 17.03.2022)

A minor update with a couple of bug fixes:
BugFix:Fixed issue with the “Reset Password” option for Customers Panel
BugFix:Fixed issue with Event booking and refreshing the booking form
BugFix:Fixed issue with coupons and WooCommerce
Other small bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 4.5 (Released 07.03.2022)

New update with several new features, improvements, and bug fixes:
Feature:Razorpay Payment method
Improvement:Emails and Phone numbers are now links so you can directly contact your customers
Improvement:Appointment editing (service, employee, location, date, time, and status change) is now connected between Amelia and WooCommerce
Improvement:Implemented new icons for payment types on the admin dashboard and added payment info in the expanded appointment details
Improvement:Connected rejected status in Mollie with canceled status in Amelia
Added new Spanish translation
Added new Italian translation
Added new Czech translation
BugFix:Fixed issue with coupon and customer placeholders in the Event notifications
BugFix:Fixed issue with Event description formatting on the Event Calendar booking form
BugFix:Fixed issue with editing recurring events in the Employee panel
BugFix:Fixed issue with showing packages on the Catalog and Search booking forms
BugFix:Fixed issue with Tanzania phone country code
BugFix:Fixed issue with group booking and price per employee
Security and stability issues fixed
Other small bug fixes

Version 4.4.1 (Released 27.01.2022)

A minor update with several bug fixes and improvements:
Improvement: Added option to disable Polyfill.js script
BugFix:Fixed issue with missing Back button on the Catalog Booking Form
BugFix:Fixed issue with showing calendar on the booking forms instantly when there are no filters
BugFix:Fixed issue with booking the event with deposit when Custom Pricing is disabled
BugFix:Fixed issue with Total Number of people shown in WooCommerce
BugFix:Fixed issue with Cancel Link in the Notifications
BugFix:Fixed conflict with other plugins that use Vue framework
BugFix:Fixed issue with deleting event period on the employee panel
Other small bug fixes and stability improvements


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