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Download Free Ajax Search Pro WordPress Plugin v4.26.5 – Live Search Plugin – CodeCanyon | Ajax Search Pro for WordPress v4.26.5 – Live Search Plugin (Updated on 31st August 2018) has been designed to boost the user search experience to the maximum. It also provides a great live ajax search, which makes the WordPress search experience more comfortable. The results are presented using images (if any found), so they look more attractive that others and less flat. The search works with all type of mobile devices, let it be Android or Apple iOS powered. As of version v4.26 (2018 August 31st) the search can override the default WordPress search results – so the light weight ajax functionality is extended. The search can also return posts, custom post types such as bbPress forums, WooCommerce products, replies, topics, Categories, BuddyPress users, BuddyPress groups, custom taxonomy terms and BuddyPress activities as results.


Shortcodes and widgets compatible with any builder, such as: Elementor, WPBakery Page Builder, Visual Composer, Divi Page Builder, Gutenberg and others..

Ajax Search Pro can act as an Elementor Live Posts and Products widget filter. Building a custom results page via Elementor is also supported.

  • Will the plugin work with the * theme?
    Yes it will. The plugin is theme independent.
  • Is it compatible with Elementor, Divi Page builder, WPBakery Page builder etc..?
    Yes it is. The plugin shortcodes can be used within the corresponding page builder element.
  • Will it work on a multisite blog?
    Yes it will.
  • Can it replace my default theme search bar automatically?
    Yes it can! You can select which search instance you want to display instead of the default theme search bar.
  • Can I search custom post types, like WooCommerce/Jigoshop products?
    Yes you can!
  • Can I search buddypress groups/activity-feed/users?
    Yes you can!
  • Can the plugin return categories or custom taxonomy terms as results?
    Yes it can!
  • Will it work with bigger databases, like 25000+ records?
    Yes it will. The search speed only depends on your server speed.
  • Does it support sites with RTL?
    Yes it does!
  • Will it display images, that are not hosted on my server?
    Yes it will. In case of issues
  • Is support provided, if so where can I get supported?
    Yes, this item is supported! Please read the documentation and the knowledge base first. Many questions are answered there.
  • Can I search attachments and their contents on my server?
    Yes, indexing and searching Text, PDF, RTF, CSV, Office docx, Excel and Powerpoint file contents is possible. More information in Attachment content search documentation.

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Changelog Ajax Search Pro Nulled

4.26 - 2023.02.19
Check the version 4.26 blog post for more details about the new features.
New Features
Predictive search results suggestions
Google Tag Manager (GTM, gtm.js) support for analytics integration
More results feature now works with grouped results
More efficient nag notices removal from the plugin back-end section
Vertical and Horizontal scrollbars are now displayed as overlay for a nicer output
Changed the results groups output - each group has a separate DIV container with distinctible CSS classes for easier customizations
Added a warning message for the index table settings to not close the browser tab when the indexing is active
Fixed an issue with the date filters
Fixed an issue with some shortcodes for the Index Table
Most cache related files are now moved from asp_upload to asp_cache folder
PDF results text preview length is now correct
asp_perse_filters() memory related issue fixes
Changed the magnifier button inner elements from DIV to SPAN (validation error fix)
4.25.1 - 2023.01.18
The search bar now renders in Gutenberg editor on the back-end under certain conditions
Updated the sidebar on the back-end
Update the font family on the back-end to Roboto and made a few visbility changes
Reverted to a more robust json data parsing method for the frontend
Fixed an issue with an array index for the index table cron jobs
Changed the asp_comact HTML attribute to data-asp-compact so it no longer triggers a HTML validation error
Fixed a file cleanup method for the asset generator
4.25 - 2023.01.10
New Features
PDF results thumbnail generator with ImageMagick. Please check this knowledge base for configuration.
Support for ordering by ID for posts and user results
Synonyms and Additional keywords now support multiple keyword phrases (separated by comma)
Changed the get_result_field(..) theme function signature, now it allows adding the $post argument as second parameter
Custom field filters - Now properly support ACF Relationship fields
Fixed an issue with the index table search and The events calendar plugin
Fixed an issue with the media file search, where the content field was not correctly fetched when the PDF contents were present
Arabic diacritic recognition for index table engine has been improved
Fixed an issue with the Elementor "load more results" feature
4.24.2 - 2022.12.10
New Features
Added an accessibility menu under the Advanced option to control some of the aria-labels, which were not possible to change until now
Keyword highlighter - now works for the search results page too
Keyword highlighter - now instead of using local storage, the asp_highlight query argument is used. This better determines where to use the highlighter, and can be used even globally.
Delete button on the back-end fixed
Added a missing aria-label to the search button
Added an CSS unset for min and max height for the input fields
Fixed an issue with the index table search, where in some cases the results vanished due to a query argument issue with WP_Query
Fixed an issu with the stylesheet loading by forcing the correct protocol
4.24.1 - 2022.11.25
Index Table: better taxonomy term indexing, short taxonomy term names are indexed as whole words as well for more accurate matches
Moved the aggregated asset location to the wp-content/cache/asp/ folder for better server compatibility
Further script size and loading queue optimizations ~12% savings on default configuration
Fixed an issue with the index table search and the generic filters
4.24 - 2022.11.19
Please check this blog post for 4.24 feature showcase.
New Features
Custom field filters - "range inputs" filter type. Two numeric input fields for price etc.. (see documentation)
Filtering of Post Type Archive pages is not supported
Number format for advanced title/content fields, with arguments "type=number", "decimals=0", "decimal_separator='.'", "thousand_separator=',' (see documentation)
Hook for output font CSS: asp_fonts_css
Custom Field Filters - Added "is_post_id" argument to the {get_fields} feature, so that custom fields holding post IDs as values can now display the post title as the filter label. Useful with ex.: The Event Calendar Venues etc.. (see showcase)
"is_post_id" as adavnced title/field argument - custom fields holding post IDs as values can now display the post title as the filter label. Useful with ex.: The Event Calendar Venues etc.. (see documentation)
Auto-scroll: When clicking on a results and then the browser back button, then the plugin will automatically scroll back to the clicked result element
Added 3 new themes Rounded Dark Blue, Rounded Light Blue and Rounded Lilac
Removed the input[type=submit] from the search form and changed the magnifier element to a button so it is better targetable with the tab key.
Changed the checkbox "tick" elements from labels to divs for better SEO
Fixed an issue where the plugin would appear "abandoned" in WordFence, when the update information is not available
When using the Media Service for PDF indexing, the plugin now can display the description (from the PDF content) in the live results list. Keyword highlighter can will work with this text.
Fixed an issue with ACF multiselect value indexing
Fixed an issue with SG Optimizer - where the plugin CSS was not parsed by the CSS combine feature
Fixed an issue with the search box alignment
Corrected the search query order according to the actual results order set on the plugin back-end.
Fixed an issue with the "try this" keywords - they no longer trigger the live search, when the trigger is turned off
Fixed an issue where the results container was not initialized in time
OutputBuffer class - isolate OB from the CSS manager code, add hooks to allow access to ob output
Improved asset loader - now the plugin auto-detects where the Fonts/Styles/Scripts should be added. This will save a lot of overhead on pages where the plugin shortcode is not present.
Permanently removed the old legacy scripts - reducing the plugin size greatly
Further improved script loading method
Index Table - now indexes the post type singular and plural names (at title priority). Ex. the user types in "products" then items from the products post type are prioritized
Advanced title and content fields - Made them bigger for convenient editing
Removed some unused image assets
WCAG Improvements - Checkbox filters "label" tag changed to "DIV" instad, so the WCAG readers don't get confused. Search form now also has a role=search added
4.23.3 - 2022.09.22
Fixed an issue with the index table attachment search - where the post type search settings have affected the attachment search settings
Fixed an issue with the search style when displayed in an Elementor pop-up. In case of style issues please check the styling issues documentation for a solution
4.23.2 - 2022.09.19
Improved some string conversion methods
Fixed a potential bug with the CSS loader
Fixed an issue with the index table, when non-scalar ACF values triggered a warning during the index
Corrected the compact box width calculation
Corrected the compact layout container floating, when using the "absolute" position
Corrected the changelog URL
4.23.1 - 2022.09.16
Fixed some namespace related issues
Fixed an issue which triggered an 500 error message when using Visual Composer (or WPBakery page builder)
Fixed an issue with the Image Parser
4.23 - 2022.09.15
New Features
Better CSS style loading method selection - Optimal (Inline + File) | Everything File | Everything inline
The live search filter now works on the WooCommerce shop page
The live search filter now works on the Category, Tag and any other Taxonomy archive pages
Greatly improved the title keyword suggestions and autocomplete algorithm
Removed the deprecated old scrollbar script
Better search style loading - by default, the customized search styles are now printed as inline styles. This saves a lot of bandwith, when having multiple search instances. CSS/JS minify plugins are commonly used, and this method gives them better control over each page style.
Changed the autocomplete field for a negative tabindex, so it is excluded from keyboard navigation
Removed the Async CSS loader - it was not effective for proper pageview scores and CDN/Cache plugin providers have far superior solutions
Reorganized Compatibility Panel
For better compatibility, changed the javascript response delimiters to not include "!" characters
The URL override faute now works with the Elementor live results as well - until now, the browser address URL always changed, now it does not, until it is enabled
Self-hosted all the images - there was an issue reported with slow loading.
"Show more results" text now supporting the {phrase} variable
Major refactoring and reorganizing of the core server side code to meet higher PHP coding standards
Horizontal layout - now correctly displays the result descriptions, whenever images are not available
Fixed an issue with the japanese ideographic space character
Improved the inline script loader for the search instances, so that cache plugins better recognize the difference of the ouptut by pages
Fixed an issue with the BuddyPress xprofie field otpion
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