Adziner v1.2 – WordPress Advertising Manager Plugin

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Adziner - WordPress Advertising Manager Plugin v1.2
Download Free Adziner WordPress Plugin v.1.2 – CodeCanyon | Adziner v1.2 – WordPress Advertising Manager Plugin (Updated on 24 December 2015) was created to be easy and extremely beautiful. Adziner is similar to all standard WordPress posts and pages edit design. While using our tool / program you do not have to learn new interface, but we have also added a lot of features for better user experience.

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  • Views statistics
  • Adzones
  • Banners
  • Simple UX
  • PNG, JPG, GIF, and External Media
  • Rotating bannes in adzonesSchedule banners.
  • External banners URL
  • Clicks statistics
  • Manage Adzones by Widgets
  • Shortcodes