Adning Advertising v1.6.5 – All In One Ad Manager for WordPress Nulled

Adning Advertising - Professional, All In One Ad Manager for Wordpress Nulled
Adning Advertising - Professional, All In One Ad Manager for Wordpress Nulled
Adning Advertising
Adning Advertising

Download Free Adning Advertising v1.6.5 – All In One Ad Manager for WordPress Nulled

Adning Advertising – All In One Ad Manager for WordPress Nulled Free Download 1.6.5 – CodeCanyon | Adning Advertising v1.6.5 – All In One Ad Manager for WordPress Nulled is designed to handle banners for any WordPress website. The Adning is formerly the “WP Pro Advertising Program” It comes packed with features that make your job so much more enjoyable! You can control a whole community of banners / adzones by means of campaigns and only display them in the context of a particular campaign. Campaigns in different countries may also be coordinated.

The Adning Nulled WP Plugin makes banner advertising for all custom post forms very easy to handle. It has all the resources for automatically putting ads for different posts of any kind.

Add/manage banners from one place for all blogs, pages and custom post forms. To add banners to your website automatically advertise ships with very different automated positioning settings. No more trouble with shortcodes and widgets!


  • Create, Manage and Display Unlimited ADS.
  • Auto Positioning & Display Filters
  • Ad rotation with modern transition effects
  • Targeted Advertising
  • Create Floating Content, Popups and Notification Bars
  • ADS for All Custom Post Types
  • Special Google AdSense Support
  • HTML5 Banner Support
  • Sell AD Spots – WooCommerce Integration
  • Mobile/Device Detection – 100% Responsive
  • Use page builders like Gutenberg, WPBakery Page Builder, Elementor to create banners
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Support

Adning Advertising Free Download Link

Changelog Adning Advertising Nulled

V1.6.3 - Feb 17 - 2022
    - WP 5.9 code improvements 

V1.6.2 - May 27 - 2021
    - WP 5.7.2 code improvements 
    - updated add-ons

V1.6.1 - April 22 - 2020
    - WP V5.7.+ improvements

V1.6.0 - December 24 - 2020
    - Fix when using Classic Editor plugin.
    - Improved get_banner_probability() thanks to matthewseymour.
    - Fixed error with Deprecated: array_key_exists on objects.

V1.5.9 - Oktober 26 - 2020
    - Fixed issue with WordPress editor for banners not having HTML field.
    - Added angwp_woo v1.0.3
    - Added new "beta" responsive container option for banners.

V1.5.8 - August 22 - 2020
    - Added option to enable wp_kses_post() when saving/editing banners.
    - Included https changes for

V1.5.7 - July 14 - 2020
    - Improved security updates.
    - Added option to select available upload file types.
    - Added SmarTrack v1.1.9

V1.5.6 - June 26 - 2020
    - Important security update.

V1.5.5 - June 22 - 2020
    - Auto updater bug fix.

V1.5.4 - June 20 - 2020
    - Switched to JS tracking for GA.

V1.5.3 - June 04 - 2020
    - Fixed issue with smarTrack impressions.
    - Added smarTrack v1.1.8

V1.5.2 - May 31 - 2020
    - Fixed timeout issue with random banner probability function.
    - Improved Google Analytics tracking.
    - Switched to serverside tracking for GA.

V1.5.1 - April 27 - 2020
    - Added filter "adning_show_hide" to enable 3rd party code to manage if a banner needs to show or not.
    - Improved queried_object in Adni_filters.
    - Improved debug mode logs.
    - Added fix for edit button when using Classic Editor plugin.

V1.5.0 - April 08 - 2020
    - Updated admin colors.
    - Added option to control ads for 404 error pages.
    - Improved order status handling.
    - Fixed scroll popups with class/ID trigger.

V1.4.9 - March 17 - 2020
    - Improved shuffle_probability.
    - Improved adzone banner probability percentage.
    - Fixed issue with expired banners on a daily basis.

V1.4.8 - March 02 - 2020
    - Added new popup template option shortcode [adning_popup].
    - Improved adzone banner probability percentage.
    - Included smarTrack v1.1.7
    - Fixed issue with cornerpeel links for adzones.

V1.4.7 - February 11 - 2020
    - Expire order if necessary when loading contract line.
    - Added success notice after saving banner.
    - Included angwp_woo v1.0.2
    - Added default empty bg color for popups.
    - Fixed issue with responsive popups.

V1.4.6 - January 29 - 2020
    - Added latest modalJS version improving popup close button.
    - Added older years back to campaigns.
    - Added campaign option to limit banners by clicks/impressions.
    - Removed scaling when adzone responsiveness is turned off.

V1.4.5 - January 12 - 2020
    - Added action "adning_order_expired".
    - Added option to select unique stats for contracts.
    - Improved error_handling for filters.
    - Fixed loading get_country() when unnecessary.
    - Reverted Maxmind files to older version for bug with Woocommerce.

V1.4.4 - January 03 - 2020
    - FIXED issue with wp_user_roles option.
    - Added smarTrack v1.1.6

V1.4.3 - January 01 - 2020
    - Fixed undefined show_hide with author filters.
    - Added wp_style_is to check if common CSS already is available.
    - Fixed issue with order confirmation.
    - Added 300x100 banner size.
    - Updated geolocation files to support ipv6
    - Fixed issue with banners status not changing when contract expires.

V1.4.2 - November 22 - 2019
    - Added smarTrack v1.1.5
    - Fixed issue with Author Filters not saving correctly when removing item.

V1.4.1 - September 27 - 2019
    - Fixed issue with adzones not removing from banners (banner settings)
    - Added angwp_{bannerID} class to banner and adzone container.
    - Improved filters for ads on Category pages.

V1.4.0 - July 30 - 2019
    - Added "nofollow" option for background ads.
    - Fixed banner impressions for background ads.
    - Fixed issue with tag filter for auto-positioning.

V1.3.9 - July 17 - 2019
    - Added RSS option to banner export settings.
    - Added is_int check to random_weight() function.
    - Added notice when smarTrack database tables are not created.
    - Included smarTrack V1.1.4

V1.3.8 - June 01 - 2019
    - Added RSS feed for banners{Banner ID}
    - Fixed an issue with https still using http on some servers.

V1.3.7 - April 10 - 2019
    - Added option to save stats by advertiser.
    - Added option to hide ADS when no author filter is selected.

V1.3.6 - March 22 - 2019
    - Fixed issue with country filters for banners not removing.
    - Fixed issue with stats for iframe and embed code.
    - Fixed issue with banners not removing from adzones when they get removed.
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