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Admin Columns Pro v4.2.3

Admin Columns Pro v6.2.2 Free Download

Download Free Admin Columns Pro WordPress Plugin v6.2.2– | Admin Columns Pro Nulled v6.2.2 Manage Columns In WordPress helps to customize columns on the administration screens for post(types), pages, media, comments, links and users with an easy to use drag-and-drop interface. You can also manage and organize columns in the posts, users, comments and media lists in the WordPress admin panel. Transform the WordPress admin screens into beautiful, clear overviews. (LATEST)

Other great Features

Content Management becomes a whole lot easier with Admin Columns Pro

Horizontal Scrolling

With horizontal scrolling there is no limit to the amount of content that fits in a single table.

Quick Add

Create posts on the fly and start editing right away, without even leaving the list table.

Saved Filters

Save your applied filters for later use and share them with others.

User Conditions

Each user can have its own personalised table view. Each view can be set specific to a role or user.


Admin Columns Pro Nulled works great on WordPress Multisite Network. You can customize both the Network Users and Sites table.

Custom Fields

Custom Fields are fully supported. Display, search, filter, edit and export any custom field data on any list table.

Advanced Custom Fields

Admin Columns is 100% compatible with ACF and allows you to search, export and edit your custom content like never before.


Admin Columns Pro Nulled can help you greatly improve managing your online WooCommerce shop. Updating and finding products has never been easier.

Admin Columns Pro Addon List

  • Admin Columns Pro v6.2.1
  • Admin Columns Pro The Events Calendar v1.7.1
  • Admin Columns Pro WooCommerce v3.7.3
  • Admin Columns Pro JetEngine v1.1.3
  • Admin Columns Pro Gravity Forms v1.2
  • Admin Columns Pro Pods v1.7
  • Admin Columns Pro Advanced Custom Field (ACF) v3.0.4
  • Admin Columns Pro BuddyPress Columns v1.7
  • Admin Columns Pro Meta Box v1.3
  • Admin Columns Pro Ninja Forms v1.6
  • Admin Columns Pro Toolset Types v1.8
  • Admin Columns Pro Yoast SEO v1.2
  • Admin Columns Pro Manage Columns in WordPress v5.7

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Admin Columns Pro Nulled Changelog

Issue where the user preference for export was not displayed correctly

Refactor for Export models. Abstract model is deprecated
Editing support for the Comment 'In Reply To' column
Templates for WooCommerce logic were not loaded correctly
Fatal error when a Metabox Taxonomy column was added on a Taxonomy screen
Export now stores the last export columns and order as a user preference
New integration for Media Library Assistant implemented in Admin Columns Pro
Editing for Relation fields now also takes filter Taxonomy setting into account
Editing for Time picker implemented again
Value formatter fix for Numeric fields, 0 values are now displayed
Value formatter fix for Maps field
Value formatter fix for Choice fields that use 0 for keys
Repeater field gave an error when adding the column
Added Fees to the Totals column for the Order page

The settings for Network Sites and Network Users were not loaded correctly
Labels for the Primary column picker are now sanitized
Sorting for Related User Meta on the User table could lead to empty results
HTML Character encoding for Saved Filters dropdown
Added the Last-Modified and Last Modified Author columns to the Media page
Export for DateTime field now exports the time
Null check for possible error in the 'Additional Field' column value
December 9, 2022
Bulk Edit could update posts that were not filtered
New hook `ac/addon/$addon/active` available to disable autoloaded addons
December 5, 2022
Fatal error on Product Variation when no settings were stored
Fatal error for the plugin Media Library Assistant with versions below 3.05
November 30, 2022
Breaking Changes
The minimum version required to run Admin Columns Pro is now PHP 7.2.
New Feature: Bulk Delete items on the list table
New Feature: Added option to set the primary column of the table
New Feature: Conditional Formatting
You can now change the order of the columns on the list table itself by dragging the column
New hook `acp/delete/reassign_user` allows you to reassign posts to another user when bulk deleting users
New hook `acp/delete/bulk/deleted_rows_per_iteration` allows you to set the number of rows that are deleted per batch
New hook `acp/column_order/active` allows you to globally show or hide the column order functionality
License information did not always update
Export now supports export of selected items
Export UI improved: select which column you want to export and reorder columns on the fly
Smart Filtering for the Date Publish column now only filters dates for published posts
Refactor: the `ACP\Editing\Service` interface has changed
It is now possible to add or remove options in bulk for Multiple Select fields
It is now possible to set a custom separator for fields that display multiple values
The Image field setting 'Uploaded to post' is now applied for Inline Editing
The ACF date format is now correctly displayed in the column setting
Sorting events on default columns did not work correctly
Repeater field support
New column support for the Relation Manager
Editing on Table Storage did not work correctly when the related row did not yet exist in the table
Date field display issue
Export for Customer columns fixed: Total sales, Order Number
It is now possible to select the order status for the user Total Sales column
Added Editing for Order columns: Payment Method, Customer
WooCommerce Sale column did not show the correct scheduled date
September 12, 2022
Taxonomy ListScreen could give a PHP warning when the default taxonomies were unregistered
Beaver Builder integration support was always initiated
Expired licenses were not updated correctly when it was expired and re-activated or renewed
Suppress more PHP 8.1 warnings
JS null checks that could lead to JS errors
Smart Filtering for the Date Publish column now only filters dates for published posts
July 4, 2022
Support for Beaver Builder template views
New hook to toggle persistent sorting as a preference `acp/sorting/remember_last_sorting_preference`
Smart Filtering for some Taxonomy columns did not work correctly
Suppress PHP 8.1 warnings
June 14, 2022
It is now possible to toggle the Row Actions (Below title) on the setting page per list table
New hook that runs before the value is saved in (bulk/inline) edit `acp/editing/before_save`
It is now possible to select the Website display for User related columns
New hook to disable the column value sanitation on the table `ac/column/value/sanitize`
Changed the radio buttons to a Toggle element for column settings that have a on/off state
Updater on License page is fixed
Smart Filtering for some columns on the Taxonomy overview paged did not work
Admin Columns Core changes ( 4.5.2 )
May 16, 2022
It is now possible to hide the Comment Type filter in the Hide on Screen section for Comments
Custom Field column can now display nested serialized data
Better display value for serialized Custom Fields (Multiple values)
New Audio player column for Media list table
New Video player column for Media list table
The Link count column can now display All, internal, or external links
The 'Hide on screen' options are renamed to work more intuitive (toggle to show instead of hiding)
The media column types are now grouped based on the media type
Export for the Media Taxonomy column now works correctly
Javascript: possible null error for the column configurator when the screen options are not available
There was a Filter button in the footer on the Taxonomy page when there were no filters available
Several issues during the updates of Admin Columns plugins
Prevent fatal error, when removing a non-existent column set from a Local Storage repository
Admin Columns Core changes ( 4.5.1 )
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