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Active eCommerce CMS

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Active eCommerce CMS PHP Script Nulled 5.5.5 – CodeCanyon | Active eCommerce CMS v5.5.5 is one of the most important and unique features for an ecommerce business LARAVEL-based script. This script was created using the HTML3_ PHP framework. Super responsive design for all available devices. All pages and all attributes can be used on any device, including tablets, smartphones, desktops, laptops, or mobile phones. You can choose any screen layout.

Active eCommerce CMS Features


This scenario is where the BBC (or multi-vendor) system is the primary business system. This means the Business-Business-Client system. This system allows multi-vendors and can easily manage stage 3 business operations. Both buyer and seller can run their businesses smoothly with standard ecommerce features.


Apart from the BBC system, this system has another amazing feature: it can only access BC system at any given time, that is the Business-Customer System. Only the customer will be able to receive his products.


Guest verification is the most important site in e-commerce for a website. You can buy goods from the site without having to log in or register through the Guest Checkout. It’s a quicker and easier shopping system.


It is easy to set up your homepage. You can set up all sections, images and banners by selecting a category. The admin panel has these options. Administrators can add multiple banners and a slider image to make the home page more attractive.


To configure the desired currency, the admin panel has a multi-currency option. Site administrators can change the currency format and default currency. If necessary, you can also add a currency.


Multilingual options are available. Administrators can add, delete or translate words from the site to the language of their choice.


You can choose from a variety of color themes via the admin panel. The entire site will change as soon as you choose a color.


This script includes all required ecommerce features. This system offers ajax-based shopping cart, product comparability, Wishlist, featured products, discount, flash sale offer, today’s offer, and many other features.

Sales Page

Download Active eCommerce CMS Nulled 5.5.5(1.2k)


  • Active eCommerce Android App 1.1
  • Active eCommerce Offline Payment Add-on 1.2
  • Active eCommerce POS Manager Addon 1.2
  • Active eCommerce Affiliate Add-on 1.2
  • Active eCommerce Refund Add-on 1.0
  • Active eCommerce Seller Subscription Add-on 1.0
  • Active eCommerce Club Point Addon 1.0
  • Active eCommerce OTP Add-on 1.2
  • Active eCommerce Paytm Add-on 1.0

Changelog of Active eCommerce CMS

version : 5.5.5 (04/01/2022)
Improvements & Bug solving
- Compatibility with flutter app 2.1
- SEO fix for policy pages
- Bug fixes and improvement

version : 5.5.4 (16/12/2021)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Compatibility with Delivery Boy Addon 2.0
- Laravel sanctum integrated for API authentication
- Paytm addon support
- Bug fix and Improbable

version : 5.5.3 (29/11/2021)

Improvements & Bug solving
- QRCode on order details and invoice
- Custom order tracking number
- Email notification for sellers on order placement

version : 5.5.2 (22/11/2021)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Payku Payment Gateway
- Custom text for external products button
- Helpline number on header
- Minor bug fix

version : 5.5.1 (08/11/2021)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Discount bage on product box

version : 5.5 (01/11/2021)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Country, State and City predefined list
- API data caching
- payment gateway
- App translation from mobile app

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