ACF Frontend Form Element Pro v3.3.32 Nulled

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ACF Frontend Form Element Pro

Download Free ACF Frontend Form Element Pro v3.3.32 Nulled

ACF Frontend Form Element Pro Nulled Free Download 3.3.32 – Frontendform | ACF Frontend Form Element Pro v3.3.32 Nulled enables you to simply show frontend forms for your users, allowing them to change material directly from the frontend.

Advanced Custom Fields must be installed and activated before using this plugin. You can use our form builder to develop great forms that allow users to save custom meta data to pages, articles, users, and more. Then, to easily show the form for your users, utilize our Gutenberg block or shortcode.

ACF Frontend Form Element Pro Features:

Edit Global Options

If you have global data, such as header and footer data, you may utilise ACF to build an options page that your users can update from the frontend.

Limit Submits

Prevent any or all users from submitting the form more than a certain number of times.

Send Emails

Set up emails to be sent and map form data to appear in email fields like the email address, from address, subject, and message.

Style Tab

Style the form, modal window, and buttons with your preferred web builder.

Multi Step Forms

Add extra phases to your forms to make them more engaging.

Woocommerce Integration

For Woocomerce products, we’re adding built-in fields. Allow your customers to add products from the frontend!

Google Recaptcha

With Google Recaptcha, you can protect your forms from spam.

Stripe And Paypal Payments

After submitting the form, accept payments through Stripe.

AJAX Submission

With our no-page-reload forms, you can provide your users with an excellent editing experience.

What is ACF Frontend?

ACF Frontend is a WordPress plug-in that works with any website builder. It appears to complete the Elementor and ACF integration by allowing you to add ACF frontend forms to your website so that your end user may modify content without ever seeing the admin area.

Can I use ACF Frontend without ACF?

ACF Frontend is not independent of ACF. You do, however, have the option of using our other plugin, Frontend Admin. You will have all of the same functionality, but you will not need to install ACF. Visit for more details.

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Download Nulled ACF Frontend Form Element Pro 3.3.32(77)

Changelog ACF Frontend Form Element Pro

v3.3.32 – 22-02-2022
  • Fixed product author field
  • Fixed dynamic permissions option in edit button widget
  • Fixed ACF fields not showing up within a group field
  • Fixed JS not working after first step in multi step
  • Fixed required mark not showing up after first step
v3.3.30 – 17-02-2022
  • Fixed delete button icons not showing
v3.3.29 – 16-02-2022
  • Fixed delete button icons not showing
  • Fixed default colors for the delete button
  • Fixed woocommerce shiping fields not showing up and not saving correctly
v3.3.27 – 10-02-2022
  • Fixed multi step validation error
v3.3.26 – 06-02-2022
  • Fixed conflict with multi step form and repeater fields
v3.3.25 – 27-01-2022
  • Fixed bug in woo delete product button
v3.3.23 – 25-01-2022
  • Fixed js error ‘otherSteps undefined’
  • Moved plugin folder into “main” for development purposes
  • Restored missing submit button wrapper with class of “fea-submit-buttons”
  • Fixed submit button floating to top right of the form when field widths are less than 100%
  • Fixed local avatar setting
  • Fixed conditional logic not working across multiple steps
v3.3.19 – 20-01-2022
  • Added submit button styling options in Oxygen integration
  • Fixed missing fields in multi step form
  • Fixed Elementor styles for delete button
  • Fixed styles for labels applying to checkbox labels as well
3.3.16 – 17-01-2022
  • Fixed price field not displaying
  • Fixed url query editing current page if no object id passed in form
  • Added post status and product status as default fields in form builder
v3.3.13 – 10-01-2022
  • Fixed error when navigating between steps on multi step form
  • Fixed delete button not redirecting after deleting data
  • Fixed issue when bulk deleting of submissions
  • Fixed form tabs display
  • Fixed email verification sending after each step of multi step form
  • Fixed form title missing
  • Fixed error with missing function in ACF Fields field
  • Fixed hidden submit button issue
  • Improved delete data widgets confirmation message
  • Added Delete Product Widget
v3.3.9 – 30-12-2021
  • Fixed missing ‘user_regitered’ column
v3.3.7 – 29-12-2021
  • Fixed forms showing on post edit page
  • Fixed new user form not saving data properly, including username and password
  • Fixed form builder presets not working
  • Fixed conflict with Oxygen
v3.3.6 – 27-12-2021
  • Fixed issue with Woocmmerce fields: attributes and variations
  • Fixed conditional logic of Woocommerce fields
v3.2.21 – 17-12-2021
  • Fixed user password not being saved on registration
  • Fixed acf field custom classes not showing in elementor widgets
  • Fixed css rule messing with repeater table display
v3.2.20 – 14-12-2021
  • Fixed password field updating password even when button is not pressed
v3.2.19 – 13-12-2021
  • Fixed false Trojan error in acff-min.js
v3.2.18 – 09-12-2021
  1. Added request for plugin review after 10 submissions, 100 submissions, and 1000 submissions
  2. Fixed upgrade notice to dismiss without page reload


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