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Accufy - SaaS Business & Accounting Software

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Accufy – SaaS Business & Accounting Software Free Download 2.3 – CodeCanyon | Accufy v2.3 – SaaS Business & Accounting Software is a SaaS-based Business & Accounting Software. It allows customers to manage their businesses, invoices and customers. You can also create multiple businesses using different currencies to make it easy for users to keep track of all their businesses from one platform.

Security of Accufy – SaaS Business & Accounting Software

There are many ways to protect your application. These mechanisms include:

  • Cross-Site Request Forgery Prevention
  • Cross-Site Scripting Prevention
  • Password Hashing

Accounting software is an excellent choice for SaaS businesses. It integrates with GoCardless so you can send invoices and collect payments. It has many great features that are ideal for SaaS businesses.

It provides automatic credit card and bank feeds, and invoicing capabilities. It can also be integrated with more than 350 apps, including GoCardless. The free API, which allows you to connect with these other apps, is a major selling point. You have a variety of pricing options to choose from depending on your business’s needs.

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Download Accufy – SaaS Business & Accounting Software 2.3 Nulled(127)

Changelog Accufy – SaaS Business & Accounting Software

Update logs v2.3 – 12-13-2021
- Added Paystack payment gateway
- Added QR code feature for invoice
- Added 2 new invoice template
- Fixed invoice export issues
- Fixed verify email issues
- Fixed estimate edit issue
- Fixed some small bugs
- Improve trial feature
Update logs v2.2 – 09-26-2021
- Added new SMTP email library
- Added email option in contact form
- Fixed profit & loss issue
- Fixed dashboard charts large amount issue
- Fixed reposts > general reports > expense result issue
- Improve export pdf option
- Improve email options
- Improve invoice/estimate customer add option
Update logs v2.1 – 05-31-2021
- fixed bill view design issue
- fixed estimate view design issue
- fixed RTL mode design issue
- fixed Purchase by verdor dropdown issue
- fixed Income by verdor dropdown issue
- fixed invoice filter issue
- fixed dashboard chart issue
Update logs v2.0 – 03-24-2021
- Fix upcomming recurring issues
- Fix overdue issues
- Fix add new item cancel issue
- Fix responsive sidebar menu color issue
- Fix expense file removing issue
- Added country info manage option
- Added business delete option
- Added role permissions
- Added Multi Role user options
- Added Recurring invoice automatic email send option
- Added invioce view when opened by the customer
- Added product add option for both sales & purchases
- Added invoice payment records edit & delete option
- Added Expire subscription reminder
- Added customer email invoice view notify option for business owner
- Improve design and functionalities 
Update logs v1.9 – 03-02-2021

- Added new template in backend
- Added appearance section in admin panel > settings
- Added user subscription payment invoice
- Added invoice record payment logs
- Added plan enable/disable option
- Added credit notes
- Improve auto generate invoice number
- Improve invoice tax calculation issue
- Fixed payment upgrade issues
Update logs v1.8 – 08-12-2020

-Added bills/purchase order
-Added time zone option
-Added enable/disable frontend website option
-Added description field in invoices
-Added report > profit & loss
-Added report > sales tax
-Added report > Income by customers
-Added reports > Purchases from vendors
-Improve signup section and make it simple
-Improve package edit option in superadmin
-Improve admin settings sections
-Improve user dashboard
-Fixed overdue issues 
-Fixed user wrong count issue in admin dashboard


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