4SEO extension

4SEO extension

4SEO extension

Download Free 4SEO extension SEO Extensions for Joomla v1.5.2.1396

4SEO extension SEO Extensions for Joomla – weeblr | 4SEO extension v1.5.2.1396 SEO Extensions for Joomla is a contemporary fully integrated search engine Optimization option for Joomla.

It continuously analyzes your website to identify changes, locates important pages, updates structured and meta-data and optimizes your site for social sharing and creates your sitemap.

4SEO also offers tools that can be used for your day-to-day SEO List of broken links, customized error pages redirections, content substitution, robots.txt…

4SEO is our newest SEO extension. We’ve been developing it for more than one year but it’s the direct outcome of 14 years ‘ experience on Joomla SEO.

It utilizes the most recent technology to offer the most advanced user experience. Together with our SEO expertise 4SEO will help you get the highest quality SEO outcomes.

Our aim is to make sure that every aspect of SEO work that is automatized, yet allow you to personalize everything with the most simple user interface. This is the reason why numerous 4SEO functions can be accessed directly from the front end of your website.

Similar to Google or Bing

Similar to an engine for searching, 4SEO crawls your website in the background to learn about the site and to gather data about each page.

It identifies automatically multiple URLs that link to the identical information, adds rel=canonical hyperlinks and ensures duplicates aren’t listed in the sitemap. Also, it detects duplicates in the titles or descriptions, and other SEO-related details.

Actual Core Web Vitals measurement

The Core Web Vitals are the latest speed-related elements Google utilizes to rank websites. They are difficult to quantify due to the fact that Google relies on real users to collect them.

4SEO offers you authentic and precise Core Web Vitals metrics based on the actual user experience. These are the exact values that Google will employ, as opposed to the speed testers on the internet. Furthermore, 4SEO will be able to show exactly what pages failed in the test prior to Google.

Easy and quick to install on your server

4SEO is integrated. Data is collected only once on the back of the page. When your website is presented to users, there’s only very little work to be done to achieve the fastest speed. When you add extensions separately this same work needs to be repeated and result in performance hit.

4SEO replaces your sitemap extension, metadata extension, extension the extension for structured data, social network sharing extension, redirection extension extension, content replacer extension (and many more) using a single , fast extension.

Metadata within the administration…

Control and generate the page title and meta description all from one place.

4SEO offers a reliable live Google result simulation for both desktop and mobile phones. The addition of robots’ tags is only a single click.

Generating structured information (Rich Snippets)

Perhaps the most crucial SEO move you can make on your site by 2021?

4SEO automatically creates the structured information in your web content. Search engines will be able to comprehend your content more easily. Rich fragments will attract more visitors.

Simple rules to create for the types of structured data which are supported by Google. Rules can be applied from one page to multiple URLs, categories, or components. Rules built-in allow you to start with no any configuration.

Social networks that share tags

Sharing content via social media is only feasible only if you have specific meta data such as OpenGraph as well as TwitterCards. 4SEO creates these for you by itself.

What is important is having the correct image. Sharing without a picture isn’t worth the effort, and therefore 4SEO analyzes the images you have in your content and chooses the most appropriate image. You can change that option via the admin or directly from the front-end.

XML sitemap generation

An XML sitemap is only relevant for SEO when it does not contain all pages on your website.

4SEO automates the process of creates updates and sends the sitemap to Google as well as Bing an SEO-friendly sitemap Canonical URLs are included, and duplicates as well as archives are exempted. The robots meta tag and the robots.txt file conform to.

4SEO also automatically eliminates from your sitemap any content older than the number of days that you specify for the categories you want.

There is no plugin required, and every sitemap creation relies on the continuous complete site analysis . Support for dedicated support to Hikashop, J2Store, Virtuemart, IgniteGallery or Phoca Gallery will help optimize more images or URLs for sitemaps.

Errors detection

While you are reading the content on your site, 4SEO detects broken links and informs you on the pages where they appear to allow you to repair them swiftly.

However, it also logs mistakes made by PHP to make sure you’re aware of potential issues that only your customers were seeing. With the exact description of the error along with the file’s name along with the number of lines, you will be able to resolve issues quickly.

Custom error pages

Keep your visitors on your website by creating customized error pages. In your standard template, users feel comfortable and do not want to leave.

Errors do occur, be it the 404 error or something else. Define what went wrong with customized text or images for each error type..

Let 4SEO suggest other pages that are similar to yours automatically to ensure that your user finds the information they were searching for.

Simple redirections

Redirecting a webpage to another after deleting content or altering it is commonplace day-to day SEO work.

The rule-based operation of 4SEO allows you to redirect one or a few pages at the same time.

It is not necessary to mess in .htaccess codes. It is possible to use regular expressions should you choose to, however the expressions based on wildcards are very easy to use.

Content replacement

4SEO includes an fully-equipped content replacer. It’s also a rule-based solution, which means it can be used to apply various substitutes to different areas of your website.

It’s now simple to replace any instances of a brand’s name by a hyperlink to its website or make a better internal linking system. Fix the spelling of thousands of pages in just only a few seconds.

Multiple analytics providers

With support for a variety of Analytics providers like Google, Cloudflare, Clarity, Facebook Pixels or Matomo it’s easy to monitor the traffic and the behavior of your users on your website, while offering different levels of privacy and modifications.

Create rules that allow you to add analytics codes to different areas of your website. Create custom codes manually straight from the admin instead of using template overrides.

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